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Rising premiums due to economy and hurricanes, not injury claims

The insurance industry always winds up blaming injury victims and their lawyers for premium increases that result from investment losses and hurricanes.  However, there is a revealing article this week in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
Increases of car and insurance rates of 5% to 11% in Georgia this year are — accordnig to insurance industry sources … Continue Reading

Financial downturn in the insurance industry may affect anyone with a claim

As an attorney representing people with serious injury cases in Georgia, I have to keep an eye on the solvency of the insurance companies that are contractually obligated to pay legitimate liability claims against their policyholders.  For most of my career, the solvency of insurers was seldom if ever a big concern.
In today’s economy, however, we … Continue Reading

Keep the promise of medical care for veterans’ service related injuries

There’s a disturbing report out of Washington that has nothing to do with truck accidents or litigation, but about which I’m writing anyway.
Reportedly the Obama administration is considering a proposal to bill veterans’ private individual insurance carriers for treatment of service-related medical conditions at Veterans Administration medical center.  Currently the VA bills insurer only for … Continue Reading

Legislation would let young adults remain on parents’ health insurance to age 25, even when out of school

Kudos to my State Senator, Judson Hill (R-Marietta), sponsor of Senate Bill 94, which if passed would allow adult offspring to maintain coverage under their parents health insurance up to age 25, regardless of school enrollment status. In the current economy, jobs of any kind are tough for young people just out of school to … Continue Reading

When truck drivers are injured or killed due to someone else’s actions

Trucking insurance policies often include $1,000,000 uninsured motorist coverage for protection of an injured or killed truck driver
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Injury claims analysis in recession includes financial health of insurers

Financial health of insurance companies must be considered in evaluating serious injury claims.
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Georgia Court of Appeals blocks remedy for motorist injured due to ladders, mattresses, etc in freeway

If you have spent much time driving on the metro Atlanta expressways you have probably seen ladders and mattresses that had fallen from pickup trucks and car roofs.  Occasionally there are cases of catastrophic injury or death caused when people traveling at expressway speeds encounter such random obstacles.
Of course it is seldom if ever possible … Continue Reading

Georgia auto property damage diminution of value claims

georgia automobile insurance attorney
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Implications of the economic crisis for trucking and insurance

Expect the crisis on Wall Street to affect trucking economics, safety and insurance claims.
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Insurance company rules

This is over the top, but it contains a core of truth.

Insurance Company Rules