Transformation of  lives of clients and their families is part of my calling in law practice. While money is the quantitative measure of success, whenever possible I also try to guide outcomes in a way that will redirect the trajectory of life for clients and their families. A recent case is a good example.

Recently we handled a case for a 30-year-old single mom from a less than privileged background. She had struggled to put herself through a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. When injured, she was working as a CNA and living paycheck-to-paycheck with her daughter in a modest

You are a great lawyer in your area of practice. You are also smart enough to know when a big case may require prompt action outside your comfort zone.

Just as a trial lawyer may not feel comfortable handling a complex real estate, divorce or estate planning matter, a great lawyer in those fields may not want to risk a client’s rights by trying to figure out how to handle a catastrophic truck crash case.

When you get a call from a friend or client that a family member has been killed or seriously injured in a crash with a

In catastrophic truck crashes that kill or catastrophically injury innocent people, the root cause of the tragedy is often not the momentary carelessness of a truck driver. Rather, the root cause is very often the systemic mismanagement by a company that puts behind the wheel of an 80,000 bomb a person who never should have been driving it. The driver may be a good guy who because inadequate training or experience, bad driving record, or physical incapacity was not well-fitted for the job. That can result in a claim for negligent entrustment.

In 2015, the Supreme Court of Georgia

Dad putting new prosthetic hand on boyThere have been countless advances in technology that benefit amputees in recent years. Some of these advances can be seen in the work of Dr. Hugh Herr who at 17 lost both legs as a result of hypothermia in a mountain climbing accident. Dr. Herr is working to improve prosthetic limbs and has won multiple patents for prosthetic innovations after finding problems in his own prosthetics. My job as an Atlanta trial attorney handling serious injury cases in Georgia is to always help clients with amputation injuries secure the funds to take advantage of these new advances. Luckily for many

In the national debate over health care there has been much discussion of the fact that many people go to hospital emergency departments for medical care that is not necessarily due to a true emergency involving a serious personal injury  or immediately life threatening illness.

There are many reasons for that, some good and some not. Even if you have a regular physician treating a chronic illness, getting an appointment can take a long time. If you call after hours or on weekends you may be told to go to the ER for anything that requires immediate attention.

The Georgia

Amputees in the 21st century have come a long way from the image of the peg leg pirate and the dull, heavy prosthetic leg of even a few years ago.  Increasingly, technological advances in prosthetic replacements for amputated arms, legs, feet and hands promise to exceed the Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man TV fantasies a generation ago.My job as an Atlanta trial attorney handling serious injury cases in Georgia is to help clients with amputation injuries secure the funds to take advantage of these new advances.

Much of the funding for research and development has come from

The terrorist attack at the finish line of the Boston Marathon this week was similar to a lot of IED (improvised explosive device) explosions in the Iraq War in that it produced catastrophic leg injuries requiring emergency amputations. To most of us, that is one of the most horrifying injuries we can imagine.

But in my personal injury trial law practice in Atlanta, I am continually inspired and encouraged by people with amputation injuries who not merely survive but overcome and thrive.

  • The Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, Carol Hunstein, lost a leg to cancer by the

Many prospective clients in serious personal injury and wrongful death claims ask questions about legal fees and litigation expenses in handling their cases. As an Atlanta personal injury trial attorney handling serious injury and death cases across Georgia, and as an individual who remembers very well what it is like to be flat broke and in debt, I am very sensitive to those questions.

The short answer is that in handling personal injury and wrongful death cases for individuals and families, I do not require any money up front from clients whose cases I accept. I evaluate the merits of

Cruise ships are like floating cities with thousands of passengers on board. Usually a lot more fun than the typical workaday city, but probably no less likely to involve accidents and injuries.

Cruise ship lines cannot guarantee that no one will get hurt aboard, but they do have a responsibility to prevent dangerous conditions on board that can cause serious injury to its passengers. When a cruise ship accident occurs because of poor maintenance, incompetent or  improperly trained employees, inadequate safety equipment or emergency precautions, the cruise  line can be held accountable.

Cruise ship tickets typically have a provision that

CW Transport, LLC is a four-truck garbage hauling company in metro Atlanta. Though small in size, it is large in vehicle maintenance and unsafe driving violations. That bad record culminated in an incident in which the transmission parts from a CW Transport truck flew off the truck, across the median of I-20 and through the windshield of a Chevy Blazer.

That flying transmission part sliced off the arm of a young mother, Jemeka Malone, and killed her 8-year-old son, Cameron McIlwain. Ironically, the husband and father, Quantaine Malone, is himself a long-haul truck driver. This incident was featured in the