As an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, with a practice heavily concentrated on trial of large truck and bus crash cases, I represent injured truck drivers (and their widows) almost as much as occupants of  other vehicles.  Posts about truckers violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations sometimes give folks the mistaken impression that I am condemning truckers as a group.  However, I recognize that most truck drivers are hard working professionals who are conscientious about quality and safety.  I also recognize that they are often placed in untenable situations by the demands of shippers and carriers.

The trucking collision data consistently show that about 80% of fatal collisions involving large commercial vehicles are caused by the actions of other drivers on the road, such as those tho erratically dart in front of a tractor trailer.  When that happens, and a truck driver is seriously injured or killed, it is important to review all insurance information, including Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist coverage in the trucking company’s insurance policy. If that insurance policy includes UM coverage equal to the liability limits, that may be enough to provide substantial help to the trucker and his or her family.