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“Minor brain injury” is often an oxymoron

Insurance company representatives often seize upon the term “minor brain injury” to devalue what is too often a life-altering event. They are eager to ignore post-concussion syndrome until vigorous representation forces them to deal with it.

While many people do seem to fully recover from an isolated occasion of “getting their bell rung” with a concussion … Continue Reading

New blood test may aid rapid diagnosis of traumatic brain injury

For decades I have  represented people with so-called “mild” traumatic brain injuries. A “mild” traumatic brain injury  (TBI) may be defined as one affecting someone else’s family, not your own.
These typically involve a concussion, with or without a loss of consciousness. Emergency medical personnel and emergency department physicians often focus primarily on more obvious physical … Continue Reading

Traumatic brain injury prevalent among prisoners

In the past week I’ve run across an unexpected convergence between my roles as a trial lawyer handling brain injury cases and as president-elect of the State Bar of Georgia.
Last Friday, I attended a program on criminal justice reform at the American Bar Association office in Washington, along with state government representatives. Among the dizzying … Continue Reading