While my trucking litigation law practice is in Atlanta, Georgia, I know that long haul trucking safety is not just an American issue.  With the long distances between populations centers in Australia, all the challenges facing American truckers are big deals there too.  Driver fatigue, for example, is every bit as big a problem for Aussie "truckies" as for American truckers.

At the Australian Trucking Convention this week in Canberra, which includes the ATA Safety SummitFleetSafe is exhibiting a range of trucking safety technologies, including:

  •  video based event recorders
  • in-vehicle black box monitoring systems
  • trailer reversing cameras
  • wireless CCTV systems
  • electronic tire inspection tools
  • RFID tire tracking and fuel management systems.

A FleetSafe spokesman said, “Safety is great for business. Safe working conditions mean reduced costs associated with accidents and down time which ultimately increases efficiency and profit. In the transport industry safety means more than simply compliance. It is about creating a culture of safety that saves the lives of drivers and other people on the roads. These are issues that affect us all.”