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Spinal cord injury treatments suggested in recent research

Spinal cord injury survivors may someday have more hope for functional recovery. An article in Brain by James Fawcett at Cambridge University summarizes research papers reporting functional recovery following a variety of treatments. These have included interventions that affect myelin inhibitory molecules and their receptors, or inhibitory chondroitin sulphate proteoglycans, and treatments in which the … Continue Reading

MV-1 is first factory built car for wheelchair access

Survivors of spinal cord injury face life-long problems with mobility.  As an attorney representing spinal cord injury survivors, I have often addressed needs for adapted vehicles in life care plans. Now there is news of the first factory-built, wheelchair accessible car – the MV-1 – which is a milestone for the 14 million American adults … Continue Reading

$25 million settlement for NJ girl paralyzed by drunk football fan

As a personal injury trial lawyer in Georgia, I have often told clients that they do not want what goes with the kind of case that makes headlines. It is better to have good health than a multi-million dollar injury case.
A recent New Jersey case is a good illustration of that.
In 1999, an Aramark concession employee … Continue Reading

Swift Transportation driver on meth leads to $23.5 million verdict for Yellow Freight employee with severe spinal cord injury

A  federal court jury in  Kansas has returned a $23.5 million verdict arising from a 2006 wreck in New Mexico, according to an article by Ron Sylvester of the Wichita Eagle. The court cut the amount to $15.3 million because the jury decided the driver of the Swift Transportation was only 65 percent at fault … Continue Reading

Quadriplegic former cheerleader an inspiration to others

Here is another one of those stories about a spinal cord injury survivor that is both heart breaking and inspirational — a former high school cheerleader paralyzed in a freak accident who is focused on her physical therapy, hoping for the day that stem cell treatment might help her. She has even gone scuba diving. … Continue Reading

Spinal cord injury jury trials require explanation of autonomic dysreflexia

Understanding the complex effects of spinal cord injury, including autonomic dysreflexia, is essential to effective trial advocacy for clients whose injuries involve paraplegia or quadriplegia.
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