Daubert – Scientific Misconceptions Among Gatekeepers

Critics of Daubert see science as a contentious process, rather than a a set of universal facts deduced by logic, and argue that courts are now demanding more of individual scientists and engineers than is expected of them in their own research and practice. A synthesis of the two views of science can be achieved by recognizing that subjective assumptions and inferences can never be completely eliminated from expert testimony. As a result, expert testimony always amounts, in effect, to conditional statements. An expert’s statements can be considered “reasonable” — or likely, or beyond a reasonable doubt — if, and only if, the assumptions and inferences made by the expert are considered reasonable, or likely.
In Scientific Misconceptions Among Daubert Gatekeepers: The Need for Reform of Expert Review Procedures, published in the Journal of Law & Contemporary Problems, Jan Beyea and Daniel Berger contend that narrow-minded interpretations of Daubert are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of science as seamless objective logic based ondefining “scientific method” as a logical pursuit exhibits the common misconception that scientists “prove” something. Absolute proof is the province of mathematicians, not scientists, and even mathematicians start from unprovable assumptions. . . .

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