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Revenue shortfall & increased truck traffic may force more toll roads in Georgia

I have written several times this year about proposals for toll lanes for trucks on metro Atlanta interstate highways.  An article this week shows another reason why this may become a necessity.
The Georgia Department of Transportation expects to spend $160 billion on road construction projects between 2005 and 2035. But revenues from the motor … Continue Reading

FMCSA promoting onboard safety systems

TheFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is providing to motor carriers a guide to available onboard safety and security products.  The guide has been published on the FMCSA  website ( Safety systems highlighted are collision warning systems with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning systems, rear object detection systems, tire pressure monitoring systems and … Continue Reading

Electronic truck driver monitors improve driver morale and retention

The American Transportation Research Institute, the research arm of the American Trucking Associations, released the results Sept. 12 of its industry analysis of using the recorders to monitor driver hours. The ATRI research does contradict perceptions that the devices would hurt driver morale and retention. A surprising 76 percent of users … Continue Reading

Behind the push for private toll lanes for trucks

The libertarian Reason Foundation think tank is promoting, among other things, privately funded toll roads and toll lanes for trucking:
Buoyed by the advent of real-time inventories and Internet commerce, truck traffic grew by over 45 percent in the last decade and is projected to grow another 39 percent in the next 10 years. Trucks need … Continue Reading

GPS technology boosts growth, profits and safety at trucking companies

Reuters reports today that global positioning system, or GPS, technology is enabling larger trucking companies to grow and take market share from small companies.  Such technology enables trucking companies to know where all their trucks and trailers are at any moment, providing shippers with complete supply chain visibility.  The article predicts this trend will continue … Continue Reading

Driver Fatigue Monitor helps prevent dozing trucker wrecks

Driver Fatigue Monitor measure eyelid closing intervals.
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DriveCam captures video of tractor trailer crash

DriveCam captures truck crash on NY expressway.
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Faulty maintenance and training on truck air brakes

Washington, DC, 2/9/06. The National Transportation Safety Board adopted a final report of a runaway truck accident in Pennsylvania that has shown the consequences of improper maintenance on automatic slack adjusters for air brake systems. The board issued 11 safety recommendations aimed at improving training for drivers and mechanics that work with air brakes.
These … Continue Reading

Court orders stronger training standards for commercial truck drivers

Washington, 12/2/05.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations governing minimum standards for entry-level truck driver training are inadequate based on the record developed during the rulemaking process, a federal appeals court ruled today.
The minimum requirements adopted last May by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration involve only classroom education and in only four areas: medical … Continue Reading

U.S. Express announces use of “Smart Cruise” to alert truck drivers approaching too close behind another vehicle

Chattanooga-based U.S. Express has announced that it is now equipping its trucks with “smart cruise.” According to an article in The Chattanoogan, this technology automatically keeps other drivers at a safe distance because it is able to detect vehicles in front of the truck. When a truck driver comes too close to a car, it … Continue Reading