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Will trucking companies start recruiting unemployed investment bankers?

Will displaced Wall Street investment bankers become truck drivers?
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GAO report identifies flaws in drug testing and treatment in trucking industry

GAO report identifies flaws in trucking industry drug testing and oversight.
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Anti-smoking drug Chantix banned for truck drivers

As a trial lawyer representing injury victims in trucking accident cases in Georgia, I’m always on the lookout for medications affecting driver alertness.  Another suspect medication has been added to the list.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a warning Thursday on the anti-smoking drug Chantix, advising medical examiners "to not qualify anyone currently … Continue Reading

Australian truckers looking at range of new safety features

While my trucking litigation law practice is in Atlanta, Georgia, I know that long haul trucking safety is not just an American issue.  With the long distances between populations centers in Australia, all the challenges facing American truckers are big deals there too.  Driver fatigue, for example, is every bit as big a problem for … Continue Reading

Feds grant funds for study of Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety System

Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety System being tested is designed to “warn drivers when they are about to leave the roadway, are in danger of colliding with another vehicle while attempting a lane change, or are at risk of colliding with the vehicle ahead.”
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Colorado trucking industry group supports electronic on-board recorders

As a Georgia lawyer representing people who are hurt in trucking accidents – and the families of those who are killed – I see too many cases where it appeared that a truck driver was deeply fatigued, was over the legal hours of service, and had a paper log that was not accurate.
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Electronic logs can help trucking companies become both safe and profitable

Interstate motor carriers and their drivers are required to make and maintain logs showing the driver’s hours of operation, activities and locations of stops. The potential for abuse is so legendary that paper logs are often referred to as "comic books." 
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Decapitation by side underride

Here’s an intriguing video about the problem of side underride and the lack of side underride guards on trailers in the US. In viewing this, imagine what happens when a driver comes upon a tractor-trailer pulling out of a side road or driveway at night at highway speed. I showed this at a trucking … Continue Reading

“Operation Safe Driver” focused on commercial vehicles

This week in several states, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are sponsoring “Operation Safe Driver.” This involves increased enforcement roadside enforcement on commercial motor vehicle rules, including fatigued drivers, seatbelts, etc., and educate non-commercial drivers about sharing the road with trucks.
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Qualcomm contracts for satellite tracking of trucks in US-Mexico pilot project

The latest twist in the controversy over opening US highways to Mexican trucking companies is that Qualcomm has contracted with the FMCSA to provide participating companies free access to its satellite tracking system for one year under NAFTA. The systems will be installed at no cost to the trucking companies and will be used to … Continue Reading