A southbound tractor trailer ran over Robert Groves’ Jaguar near Valdosta on August 16th, killing him and leaving just a pile of twisted metal. See news story. Law enforcement officials saw this as part of a trend.

"We’re seeing a trend here lately with commercial motor vehicles, they seem not to be allowing enough stopping distance between the vehicles," said Cpl. Jeffrey Kidd of the Georgia State Patrol. Ricky Smith, an accident investigator for Georgia DOT, said "this year we’ve had several rear end accidents in tractor trailers, just not paying attention, running up on cars too fast and basically running over them." In my law practice, I’m seeing the same thing. In recent weeks I have started work on two cases in which tractor trailers ran over the rear of smaller vehicles traveling late at night on I-75 through rural Georgia. One of the trucks was southbound from Ohio to Florida, the other southbound from Wisconsin to Florida. Fatigue and sleep deprivation are likely factors in both.