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Tractor trailer runs stop sign, kills 6 in Florida

As a trucking trial attorney, I see it all too often.  And now again.  Early yesterday morning a tractor trailer loaded with sand ran a stop sign in south central Florida, striking a van on the right side. and killing six men.  According to an Associated Press report by Christine Armario, investigators were still trying … Continue Reading

Trucker on cell phone crashes into school bus, kills a child

A Florida truck driver admitted that he was on his cell phone yesterday when he slammed into a school bus, killing a 13-year-old student. According to a report by Austin Miller of the Ocala Star-Banner, the school bus, which had stopped to let children off , had its warning lights on and stop signs out. … Continue Reading

Truck wrecks produce contrasting spills

As a trucking accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, I see a wide range of messes resulting from overturned tractor trailers. We had a case last year in which a load of frozen hamburger meat spilled all over I-75 in south Georgia. The state trooper said his biggest problem was crowd control, as local deputies tried … Continue Reading

Can you believe no one was hurt in this?

This happened last Wednesday on the New Jersey Turnpike. Amazingly, the people in the car walked away without injury even though the car was crushed.  Reported by Michael Ratcliffe of the The Times in Trenton, NJ.

Tractor trailer making illegal u-turn causes crash in Laurens County

A tractor trailer making an illegal u-turn on a bridge in pre-dawn darkness caused a Laurens County, Georgia, crash yesterday, as a car became wedged under the trailer, according to a report by Bernie O’Donnell of WMAZ-TV in Macon.  Problems with side conspicuity andtrailer underride are common. When we see motor carrier accidents in the very early morning, … Continue Reading

Truck crash on I-285 kills one

Wednesday morning, 2/20/08, a tractor trailer on I-285 failed to stop for slowing traffic, struck a car, and pushed it into the rear of another tractor trailer. This happened near the intersection of I-20 where there is often a long line of tractor trailers backed up waiting to transition from I-285 to I-20.  The driver of the car … Continue Reading

Tractor trailer runs stop sign, kills man in Bloomgindale, GA

1/22/08, 6:45 AM. At Bloomingdale, in Chatham County near Savannah, a tractor trailer ran a stop sign and t-boned a pickup, killing a woman in the smaller vehicle.  Whether the tractor trailer driver was fatigued from driving all night, or if there was some other underlying cause, is not revealed in the initial media report.

Georgia trucker hurt and SC trucker killed in 4-truck pileup

At Bamberg, SC, on 1/7/08, a beer truck, a log truck and two empty Freightliners were involved in a fiery pileup when the log truck lost a tire.  The beer truck burned completely and its driver died. The two empty trucks were driven by brothers  Two men from Rincon, Georgia were driving the empty Freightliners.  … Continue Reading

Fiery 28-truck pileup in tunnel on I-5 near LA

Late Friday, a fiery crash in a tunnel on I-5 at Santa Clarita north of Los Angeles consumed 28 tractor trailers and one passenger car, killing three people and injuring at least ten. It all  began about 11 p.m. Friday when two big rigs collided on the rain-slickened highway. As crashes continued throughout the … Continue Reading

Truck driver’s lack of English leads to truck-train crash

Police in Kings Mountain, NC, say a driver’s lack of understanding of the English language appears to have led to a violent wreck between a train and a tractor-trailer.  Truck driver Ricardo Ercia was crossing several train lines in town at South Battleground Avenue and Oak Street when he didn’t obey a traffic sign calling … Continue Reading