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What is the “full value of life” in Georgia wrongful death law?

In Georgia wrongful death law, the measure of damages is the “full value of life,” which includes both economic and noneconomic value of the decedent’s life to him or her. Unlike some states, Georgia does not provide for recovery of losses suffered by those left behind, who are deprived of the companionship, advice, counsel, or … Continue Reading

Are personal injury damages taxable, and what does Dennis Rodman have to do with it?

Personal injury damages are generally not taxable, but beware of the exceptions.
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$44.4 million punitive damages award reduced to $250,000

Last Friday,  an Atlanta jury returned a verdict of $54.4 million in a truck wreck case involving the death of a a Jamaican immigrant. It was a great verdict resulting from great trial advocacy.
Of the $54.4 million in the verdict, $44.4 million was punitive damages. In my post about the verdict, I wondered how the … Continue Reading