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Australian truckers looking at range of new safety features

While my trucking litigation law practice is in Atlanta, Georgia, I know that long haul trucking safety is not just an American issue.  With the long distances between populations centers in Australia, all the challenges facing American truckers are big deals there too.  Driver fatigue, for example, is every bit as big a problem for … Continue Reading

Hit & run tractor trailer sideswipes Virginia state trooper who had stopped another tractor trailer

In my law practice in Georgia, I occasionally get calls about tractor trailers that hit someone and do not stop. Identifying and apprehending the hit and run trucker is always a big challenge.
State laws in most states  require drivers to change lanes or slow down for emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road. … Continue Reading

$44.4 million punitive damages award reduced to $250,000

Last Friday,  an Atlanta jury returned a verdict of $54.4 million in a truck wreck case involving the death of a a Jamaican immigrant. It was a great verdict resulting from great trial advocacy.
Of the $54.4 million in the verdict, $44.4 million was punitive damages. In my post about the verdict, I wondered how the … Continue Reading

Scam artist with phony injury claim attempting to hustle lawyers in Atlanta

This morning I got a call from a man in ICU at one of our local hospitals. He said he has hit by a tractor trailer yesterday, and that he had two fractured femurs, a ruptured spleen, ruptured discs, crushed vertebra, etc., and asked if I could meet him at the hospital.  … Continue Reading

Feds grant funds for study of Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety System

Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety System being tested is designed to “warn drivers when they are about to leave the roadway, are in danger of colliding with another vehicle while attempting a lane change, or are at risk of colliding with the vehicle ahead.”
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The tractor trailer with smoking tires in my rear view mirror

Friday afternoon about 2 pm, I nearly became a statistic in the kind of trucking accident case that I see too often as a lawyer.
Leaving Atlanta for the weekend with my wife, we were on I-285 approaching I-85 at "Spaghetti Junction" when traffic in our lane designated for I-85 North ground to a halt. … Continue Reading

Dump truck hits school bus in Kentucky, kills student

Dump truck – school bus crash in Kentucky highlights safety issues in two realms.
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Fiery crash in Alabama of two tractor trailers kills one truck driver

A fatal collision on December 19th between two tractor trailers in Pike County, Alabama, may result in criminal charges against the driver of one of the tractor trailers. According to media reports, Dusty Conner failed to stop his tractor trailer at a stop sign and pulled out in front of another tractor trailer operated by … Continue Reading

Truck-bus collision in NC injures 50

A Greyhound bus and a tractor-trailer collided Wednesday near Henderson, NC.  The bus plunged down an embankment and overturned, injuring at least 29 people.  The bus was traveling from Richmond, Va., to Raleigh on U.S. 1 when it collided with the tractor-trailer as a tractor-trailer ahead of it made a turn and the bus failed … Continue Reading

Bus accident in Atlanta kills 2, injures 2

In yet another crash that highlights the lack of inadequacy of bus safety standards, two people were killed and two critically injured Saturday evening after a small charter bus hit a median wall and utility poles on I-85 southbound between the Monroe Drive and Buford Highway exits.  Two occupants were thrown from the bus into … Continue Reading