When I was a young lawyer there was a very busy quadriplegic trial lawyer in Atlanta named Stan Nylen.  He made his was from courthouse to courthouse in an "Ironsides" van and driver/attendant. Stan could raise one hand just enough to extend two fingers to shake hands. "Old war horse" lawyers in Atlanta have quite a store of Stan Nylen stories.

One of my former law partners had a young woman lawyer in his firm who became a quadriplegic due to an injury and returned to work in the law firm. I have litigated against a paraplegic insurance defense lawyer who I thought was very effective. Within the past couple of years I have encouraged a paraplegic client to consider going to law school.

Here is an inspirational article from a San Francisco law firm’s newsletter about a congenitally quadriplegic attorney and a similarly challenged law student.  The quadriplegic attorney, according to the article,  “love her to death” and “regard her just like any other lawyer—just better than most."

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