Rules of the Road

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$2,345,940.17 verdict sets new high in Gordon County, GA

Fri., 3/9/07, Calhoun, GA. 
In a scene reminiscent of the 1982 Paul Newman movie, "The Verdict," the jury after three hours of deliberation Thursday afternoon sent a note to the judge asking if they were limited by the amount the plaintiff asked for.   In closing argument I had asked for a verdict of approximately … Continue Reading

Vehicles turning left must yield to oncoming traffic

All too often we see the results of vehicular crashes that occur when one driver attempts a left turn across the oncoming traffic lane without yielding to oncoming vehicles. 
The Georgia Driver’s License Manual, at page 40, paragraph 4,  includes the following instruction:

When making a left turn at an intersection, alley or driveway, yield the … Continue Reading