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A Truck Wreck Lawyer Faces the ‘Truck Wreck’ of the Judicial System After Years of Court Budget Cuts

The following profile article about me was written by Linton Johnson and published in the August 2011 issue of the Georgia Bar Journal. While it briefly touches on my practice as a personal injury and wrongful death trial attorney focused on commercial trucking accidents, the focus is more on background for bar leadership.
A Truck … Continue Reading

A Lawyer’s Calling

The following was published in the August 2011 issue of the Georgia Bar Journal, as my president’s column. (If you want to see the end notes, go to the online version of the Journal.) It does not deal with my practice as a personal injury and wrongful death trial attorney focused on commercial trucking accidents. … Continue Reading

When drunk bought 12 pack, then killed 6, convenience store accountable under Georgia dram shop law

The Georgia Supreme Court issued a landmark decision today, in FLORES et al. v. EXPREZIT! STORES, holding that a convenience store that sold a 12 pack of beer to a visibly intoxicated customer could be accountable for the injuries and deaths that resulted.
The Georgia dram shop statute, OCGA § 51-1-40, provides:
(a) The General Assembly finds … Continue Reading

Georgia Evidence Code passes after 25 years

Today, after 25 years of labor by countless volunteers on a succession of hard-working bar committees, the new Georgia Evidence Code was passed.  Unless I’m in court somewhere, I expect to be present when it is signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal. Appropriately enough, he sponsored an earlier version of the bill in the … Continue Reading

True Constitutional conservatives hold 7th Amendment right to jury trial sacred

I applaud the decision of the Republicans newly in control of the United States House of Representatives to read the entire United States Constitution on the first day of the new Congress. Everyone in government should keep the Constitution firmly in mind.
The commitment of  constitutional conservatives’  to our country’s founding principles is widely known. That … Continue Reading

Georgia DOT considers three new intersection designs

Road design is a big factor in preventing auto and truck accidents, personal injury and wrongful deaths in Georgia and around the world. In my practice as a personal injury trial attorney in Atlanta, it is clear to me that prevention is the best approach.
According to an article by Ariel Hart in today’s Atlanta Journal … Continue Reading

“Vision Zero” in Sweden seeks elimination of traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2020

 As personal injury and wrongful death trial attorney in Georgia, I have always assumed that highway carnage – auto and truck accidents, injuries and fatalities – were as inevitable as death and taxes. As long as humans are capable of fatal errors, these tragedies would be with us.
But Sweden, where one of my cousins now … Continue Reading

Might the corporate world begin to recognize the problem with mandatory binding arbitration?

For years folks who represent individuals vis-a-vis corporations have bewailed the evils of mandatory binding arbitration procedures being required by consumer and employment contracts.
Buried in the fine print of an employee handbook, health insurance plan, credit card billing insert, or franchise agreement, binding mandatory arbitration clauses eliminate a consumer’s access to the courts, … Continue Reading

Cell phone and text messaging distractions in accident litigation

When cell phones and then text messaging came along, a lot of folks just figured they could drive as safely talking on a cell phone as talking to a passenger. I was one of them.   A couple of years ago we began to see reports of studies showing that driving while talking on a cell … Continue Reading

Governor vetoes raises for judges and DA’s

Today Governor Perdue vetoed raises for Superior Court judges and District Attorneys. In a statement released with the veto, the Governor said, “I have consistently expressed concern with raising judicial officers’ salaries without tackling the well above-market retirement benefits.” He also said that a study he commissioned showed that Georgia’s judges’ pay was competitive compared … Continue Reading