Georgia Personal Injury Practice book manuscript completed

This morning at 8:58 AM, I completed writing my book, Georgia Personal Injury Practice. It’s been like a mouse giving birth to an elephant.

This morning I will email the chapters to my editor at West Publishing, a division of Thomson Reuters. Undoubtedly there will be much work in the editing process.  But if all goes according to plan, sometime before summer, it should be published.

It is finished.

Merry Christmas!



Ken Shigley, an Atlanta attorney, launched the first law firm web site in Georgia in 1996, and the second lawyer blog in the state. He is a national board member of the Interstate Trucking Litigation Group. His practice focuses on representing people who are catastrophically injured, and families of those killed, primarily in commercial trucking and bus accidents. Mr. Shigley also has extensive experience representing parties in  products liability, catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, brain injury, spinal cord injury and burn injury cases. He is a Certified Civil Trial Advocate of the National Board of Trial Advocacyhas been listed as a "Super Lawyer" (Atlanta Magazine), in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers (Martindale), and among the "Legal Elite" (Georgia Trend Magazine).

Mr. Shigley is currently unopposed as a candidate for president-elect, of the 41,000 member State Bar of Georgia, of which he has served as secretary and treasurer.

 For criteria to be considered in selecting an attorney, see The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Great Lawyer.

  • David W.

    I’m fascinated by what it takes to write these treatises, so tell us more about the process if you can. The West Practice Series is an invaluable reference set and the amount of research that goes into writing about a particular topic from start to finish must be painstaking (footnoting and citing almost every sentence, like a law review article on steroids).
    What’s it like? Do they contact you with the idea or do writers contact them first? Do they let you develop the topic or do they have a set format? How do you balance active practice with writing a book like this?

  • Cricket

    Bwahahaha…sorry. I liked the comparison.
    Merry Christmas to you too!