As a trial lawyer in Atlanta focusing primarily on trucking cases, I rejoice with my friends when they do well and commiserate with them when they fall short.

My father-in-law’s most affectionate comment about his children and grandchildren is that we are "reasonably adequate" — stated with a twinkle in his eye. Those who know him realize that this understated compliment is actually the highest praise.

Some of my friends have won "reasonably adequate" jury verdicts this week.

Business fraud case in Dothan, Alabama – $13.8 million jury verdict.

In federal court in Dothan, Alabama, Bill Stone of Baxley,

The contingent fee system is the “key to the courtroom” for thousands of Americans. It allows people who suffered an injury to bring a suit without having to have the money up front to pay their attorney.
If the plaintiff receives no compensation, the attorney receives nothing – not even reimbursement for the costs of litigation. Since attorneys bear all the financial risk if there is no recovery or if the recovery does not cover their costs, they act as gatekeepers – not accepting frivolous or unjustified lawsuits. Attorneys also strive for efficiency, since extra costs come from their bottom line, rather than the client’s pocket.