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Crocs (and knockoffs) involved in many escalator injuries to kids’ feet

Those ugly and ubiquitous Crocs shoes — and the cheaper knockoffs — have been involved in an international wave of serious injuries to the feet of young children on escalators.
At first I was skeptical when I began hearing last year of kids’ toes being mangled on escalators at the Atlanta airport. However, this article from … Continue Reading

Jihad at Wal-Mart: China-made doll says “Islam in the Light.”

What’s next? A “Jihad Joe” action figure?
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Hospital beds pose preventable risk of entrapment, strangulation and death

Risks of strangulation death due to entrapment in hospital bed rails have been well known in the hospital, nursing home and home health care fields for for years.
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Check toy recalls before playing Santa

This year, with foreclosures and unemployment rates soaring, more people will focus on discount prices when buying boys for their children and grandchildren. The harbinger of this season may have been when a Wal-Mart employee was trampled by the crowd entering a store at 5 AM on the day after Thanksgiving.  Others in the depths … Continue Reading

Ford – Volvo divorce in the works?

When Ford acquired Volvo a few years ago, I thought it was quite a mismatch of corporate cultures. Volvo had a reputation for building the world’s safest cars.  Ford, on the other hand, sometimes seemed only slightly ahead of Yugo in that regard. 
I have owned Volvos for 20 years.  I bought the first one, … Continue Reading

Recalled Chinese tires left out gum strip to prevent tread separation

Tires manufactured in China and sold in the U.S. under brand names Westlake, Compass, Telluride and YKS have been ordered recalled due to life threatening defects.  My bet is that no one will ever be able to hold anyone financially responsible, and certainly not in Georgia. The problem is compounded by the inability to enforce … Continue Reading

Supreme Court to hear case on scope of federal preemption of state laws

The U. S. Supreme Court has decided to hear a case concerning the scope of federal regulations preempting higher standards under state health, safety and tort laws. Preemption is the principle that a federal law can supersede or supplant any inconsistent state … Continue Reading

Defective products from China point to need for change in Georgia law

A rash of recent news stories about dangerously defective products from China points to the need to amend a tort reform law that was passed in Georgia twenty years ago. In 1987, long before so much manufacturing was outsourced to China, the Georgia General Assembly passed OCGA 51-1-11.1, which provides:
(a) As used in this … Continue Reading

Carpet mill workers continue to be maimed or killed by defective equipment

A leading industry in Northwest Georgia is the manufacture of tufted carpet. A vital element of the local economy of Dalton, Calhoun and surrounding communities, the carpet industry provides a good living for a substantial portion of the local population as well as thousands of hard-working immigrants. Unfortunately, however, we have seen that … Continue Reading

Reservations about soft drink class action suit

A coalition of lawyers who have sued tobacco companies says it is close to filing a class-action lawsuit against soft-drink makers for selling sugared sodas in schools.
Leading the litigation effort is Richard A. Daynard, an associate dean at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, who is also president of the Tobacco Control Resource … Continue Reading