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Feds question Jeep gas tank safety

As a a trial attorney based in Atlanta, some of the more interesting cases on which I have worked have involved defectively designed or manufactured vehicles.
This week the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration launched an investigation of the safety of gas tanks on three million Jeep Cherokees. The investigation covers Grand Cherokees in model years … Continue Reading

Accutane on trial for causing loss of colon due to Crohn’s

Accutane is a drug originally developed for cancer treatment but that has been widely used for treatment of acne. Unfortunately, there have been widespread reports of terrible side effects, including bowel diseases including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. It was taken off the market last year.  As an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, handling civil liability … Continue Reading

Airbag deploys spontaneously, cuts driver’s carotid artery

An Atlanta area woman was just sitting at a traffic light on Good Friday in her Honda Civic when the air bag deployed spontaneously and a shard of metal from it sliced her carotid artery. Fortunately, she survived.
Honda issued a recall last February on some models of its car because of a defect with the … Continue Reading

Carpet mill worker injured falling into tufting machine

This week a carpet mill worker at the Beaulieu plant in Murray County, Georgia, was injured falling into a tufting machine. He was airlifted to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga.
Workers compensation provides the exclusive remedy of an injured worker against the employer in work accidents.
However, sometimes an injured worker can recover additional compensation for an injury … Continue Reading

Ford Explorer rollover after tire failure kills two on I-20 in metro Atlanta

It’s an all too familiar story — tire failure, Ford Explorer rollover, two people die.
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Tire defect causes crash, kills 6, paralyzes 1, jury awards $12 million

My personal injury litigation law practice in Atlanta has included a number of serious defective product cases. Among them have been tire defect cases.
Last week, a Texas jury returned a verdict of nearly $12 million against a tire maker after determining that a defective tire caused a wreck that killed six people and left a … Continue Reading

Time for a basic change in FDA approval process?

Time to streamline FDA approval process and devise a uniform federal process for drug and medical device liability?
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Supreme Court rules state law claim not preempted by FDA approval of drug warnings

Wyeth decisions holds FDA approval of drug warnings does not preempt state law claims.
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Cooper tire issues another recall for defective tires, closes Albany plant

Sometimes quality control and financial stability go hand in hand.
This week I saw two announcements from Cooper Tire.
First, they recalled Cooper CS4 Touring (VR tires) size 215/55 R17 produced between September 7 and October 11, 2008.  This is part of a long history.  According to the NHTSA recall campaign these tires may have been cured … Continue Reading

Deceptive advertising as basis for products liability claims

The Georgia Fair Business Practices Act was enacted in the 1970’s. In the early nineties I sifted through the original legislative committee files at the archives in researching legislative intent. It is clear that this Georgia law encompasses personal injury and wrongful death claims based upon unfair or deceptive acts or practices in commerce, and … Continue Reading