The attempt of corporations and billionaires to buy the Georgia Supreme Court fell far short this week, as Presiding Justice Carol Hunstein was re-elected with more than 61% of the votes cast. Apparently about $3 million  was spent by out of state interests funding the "independent" committees and the Georgia Republican Party, all to defeat a one-legged woman judge with a Jewish-sounding name, even though she is not. 

The troglodytes who are inclined to spend millions to bump off a fair-minded, independent judge and thereby intimidate all other judges just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to play to biases they think the electorate would share.

Her opponent surely must have made some mightly big promises to the money guys about what he would do to the Georgia justice system if he were elected.  Fortunately, the voters of Georgia were able to see through that and overwhelming re-elected a fair, competent, independent judge, despite the barrage of misleading propoganda.