Monthly Archives: November 2014

When is the fine print too fine?

There is an old maxim that, “What big print giveth the fine print taketh away.” In a case involving a used car sale, our Georgia Supreme Court this week said, “not so fast.”
To make out a claim at common law for fraud, a plaintiff must show not only that he relied upon some misrepresentation, but … Continue Reading

Airbag Defect Leads to Massive Recall

At least once a month for years, we have gotten calls from someone complaining about malfunction of an airbag in a motor vehicle collision. Usually it is a matter of an airbag not deploying in a situation in which it was never designed to deploy.
Most front airbags are designed to deploy in a direct frontal … Continue Reading

Autumn Stirs Sweet Memories

As our mornings turn cooler and trees change from green to yellow and orange, memories of the sights, smells and pleasures of autumns past come flooding back.

Memories of sights, colors and smells can stir our emotions and a deep, instinctive level.
When I see trees changing colors and the first frost on a meadow, I go … Continue Reading

The Importance of Creativity

Most folks think of creativity in terms of art and music. But creativity is important to breaking new ground in any field.
Ancient people viewed creativity solely as divine inspiration. That is still as important as ever. But by modern times creativity was viewed as a form of human intelligence that bridges the gap between routine … Continue Reading