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How did tractor trailers contribute to the mess in Atlanta’s #Snowjam2014?

Tractor trailer drivers are required to exercise “extreme caution” in snow and ice, including getting off the road when necessary. Their employers are required to make sure they do exercise “extreme caution.” However, I seldom see many who take that seriously. That was driven home in Tuesday’s winter storm.
When Atlanta’s winter storm (#snowjam2014 #snowcalypse2014) hit … Continue Reading

Is Omega 3 fish oil effective as part of brain injury treatment?

After dealing with brain injuries in my law practice for decades and in my family virtually all my life, I am always interested in new approaches to brain injury treatment and rehabilitation. I was therefore intrigued by recent news stories about the use of Omega 3 fish oil in treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Anecdotal … Continue Reading

4 Major Georgia Tractor Trailer Accidents This Week

Handling tractor trailer accident cases on behalf of injured people and their families across Georgia, I often see reports in which I think, “there but for the grace of God” would be a catastrophe. This week there have been four news stories of metro Atlanta crashes involving  tractor trailers. I don’t know the causes at … Continue Reading

After Traumatic Brain Injury, Risk of Premature Death Triples

Traumatic brain injury has increasingly been the focus of attention due to its links with motor vehicle accidents, falls, contact sports such as football, as well as military combat. In my law practice in Atlanta as well as in my own personal life, I have seen many times the catastrophic effects a traumatic brain injury … Continue Reading

Can jurors be struck due to sexual orientation?

When I was a young Assistant District Attorney prosecuting criminal cases in rural Georgia, the emphatic order from the District Attorney was to strike all African Americans (that’s certainly not the term he used) from jury panels.
When I started work as an associate in an insurance defense law firm in Atlanta, the rule passed down … Continue Reading

Teen Concussions Raise Risk for Depression

As an attorney handling brain injury cases throughout Georgia, I have often seen children and adolescents with traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Sometimes it is clear that the injury is catastrophic and long-term. In other cases, it is tempting to think the young person simply got his “bell rung” and should shake it off. But we … Continue Reading

Are comatose patients aware of people and conversations?

In the course of my personal injury law practice based in Atlanta, Georgia, often I have been called to meet with the family of a traumatic brain injury victim at a hospital intensive care unit, rehab facility or nursing home. Entering the room I see the patient in a coma or occasionally in a persistent … Continue Reading

6 Tips for Space Heaters in Freezing Weather

The recent wave of bitterly cold weather, which led to school closings in Atlanta and north Georgia, brought to mind the types if injuries that happens in cold snaps. I remember every winter during my rural childhood some kid in my school would lose their home in a fire.  These were generally old, simple country … Continue Reading

10 Resolutions for Trial Lawyers in 2014

1. Accept only cases you would be willing to take to trial.
Probably every plaintiff’s personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyer has accepted weak cases on the assumption that there would be an easy settlement. That is how a lawyer wastes time and money taking losing cases to trial. If you expect to provide for … Continue Reading