Monthly Archives: December 2012

Legislation passes US House to rein in worst problems with Medicare reimbursment bureaucracy

In the past few years, half the work and hassle in representing individuals in personal injury claims is the endless hassle with medical lien claims.
Medicare, which asserts claims under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, is often the hardest to deal with because the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) bureaucracy is infamously slow and … Continue Reading

Deck collapse cases require proof of cause, knowledge

Outdoor decks are a common amenity for outdoor living at homes, apartments, condominiums, restaurants and commercial properties throughout Atlanta and Georgia. It seldom occurs to most people that these pleasant decks may hold hidden dangers that suddenly lead to serious injury or even death.
Every year there are many incidents of deck collapses in which people … Continue Reading

Mind control of robotic arm for quadriplegic

As an Atlanta personal injury attorney, I have come to view our quadriplegic and paraplegic spinal cord injury (SCI) clients as friends and survivors rather than mere victims. Their never-ending quest for ways to overcome adversity and improve quality of life is awe inspiring.
This week there is news that researchers at the University of Pittsburgh … Continue Reading

Hearsay rule change in new Georgia Evidence Code

Most bright middle school students probably have a working knowledge of the concept of hearsay, simply as gossip.  “He said she said” does not mean the statement is true.
Hearsay as a legal rather than merely social concept is part of the law of evidence. The Georgia rule on hearsay will change on January 1st, when … Continue Reading