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More colorful ribbons . . . .

Upon my arrival at our State Bar of Georgia Board of Governors meeting at Jekyll Island, a staff member handed me the traditional name tag with various colorful ribbons hanging off the bottom signifying offices, honors, etc. I’ve always felt those made me look like an admiral of the navy of a small, landlocked dictatorship.  … Continue Reading

Virtuous Lawyer is Not an Oxymoron

The following article was published as my President’s Column in the October 2011 issue of the Georgia Bar Journal.
Virtuous Lawyer is Not an Oxymoron
by Kenneth L. Shigley
President, State Bar of Georgia
James[1] had great unrealized potential. Son of a minister in another Southern state, he won admission to an Ivy League university but washed out … Continue Reading

Forced exercise may help brain rehab

It’s just a hypothesis, but an article about Parkinson’s disease in today’s New York Times may suggest an approach to brain injury rehab. The idea is that forced exercise is more beneficial to the brain than unforced exercise.
First, consider the lowly lab rat. The NYT article report a 2008 study in which rats forced … Continue Reading

Teresa Roseborough new General Counsel at Home Depot

I’m pleased to note that my friend Teresa Roseborough is returning from New York to Atlanta next month to become General Counsel of Home Depot, Inc.
Teresa was on the short list for appointment to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in the Clinton administration, and was frequently mentioned as a prospect for the U. S. … Continue Reading

Article portrays reality of traumatic brain injury

Traumatic injury is sometimes referred to as the death of a person who is still living. An article in today’s New York Times gives a stark patient’s-eye view of what can be like. In“Starting Again After a Brain Injury,” Jane Rosset illuminates her experience with the following details:

Long term memory loss: “Memories that connected different … Continue Reading