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14 points about tire safety to avoid rolling over and dying

Over the years in my Atlanta personal injury practice, I have worked on cases involving catastrophic tire failure. It has certainly made me more alert to issues when tire issues arise with vehicles in our family. 
And it helped to increase my patience with the replacement process when I recently ran over some sort of metal … Continue Reading

Should all convicted drunk drivers be required to pay for ignition interlocks as condition of probation?

Should all convicted drunk drivers be required to use an ignition interlock device at their expense as a condition of probation?
Ignition interlocks, or in-car breathalyzers, are devices that can be installed in vehicles to prevent people who have consumed alcohol from driving. They are most often installed after a driver has … Continue Reading

Inkjet printer technique may replace grafting for burn injuries

Large burn injuries today are treated with split thickness skin grafts. A dermatome, a tool comparable to a cheese slicer, is used to harvest thin slices of epidermis from donor sites on an uninjured part of the body. The harvested skin may then be meshed in order to cover a larger area  by making … Continue Reading

Deposition preparation video online

For many years some lawyers have asked clients to take home videos to help in preparation for depositions. At first they were on VHS format, and later DVD. Now several such videos are available free online, such as the one here.

Syringomyelia – a less common form of spinal cord injury

Year in and year out, most lawyers handling back injury cases see a lot of herniated discs and fractured vertebra.  A less common and for many lawyers poorly understood back injury is syringomyelia.
Syringomyelia is a condition in which a cyst or cavity forms within the spinal cord. While it may be congenital or caused by … Continue Reading

Judge Emerson allows trial testimony by Skype in criminal prosecution of Texas truck driver

For the first time in Georgia, a trial judge has allowed web video conference trial testimony from an out of state witness via Skype.
Douglas County Superior Court Judge David Emerson allowed Skype testimony of a defense witness in the criminal prosecution of a tractor trailer driver from Texas who was caught in Douglas County with … Continue Reading

Spinal cord injury video goes viral

As a country boy raised in a time when three black & white TV channels with an outdoor aerial was the height of technology, I get a kick out of it when I find that someone I don’t know in another part of the country reposts on the Internet one of my video clips.
Recently I … Continue Reading

Trucking accident statistics highlight dangers on highways

We often see the tragic outcomes of catastrophic trucking accidents in my Atlanta-based law practice. Therefore, when I travel on the highways I am notice the minority of truckers who ignore safety rules. Usually they get by with it, without a bad outcome, but slackness about safety will almost inevitably lead to catastrophe sooner or … Continue Reading

Publication of trucking safety data cleared by DC Circuit Court of Appeals

In truck crash litigation in Georgia, we see how smaller trucking companies often have the least focus on safety rules enforcement. For example, I am  now preparing for trial in a case where a small trucking company was repeatedly fined for scores of  violations of the same safety rules over a … Continue Reading

Cancer drug Taxol may be useful in severe spinal cord injuries

In my Atlanta-based law practice, one of greatest challenges I face is the attempt to recover adequate compensation for survivors of catastrophic spinal cord injury.
No amount of money is ever really sufficient to fully compensate a person whose life has been tremendously changed by such an injury. Therefore, I am always interested in new treatments … Continue Reading