Monthly Archives: January 2011

True Constitutional conservatives hold 7th Amendment right to jury trial sacred

I applaud the decision of the Republicans newly in control of the United States House of Representatives to read the entire United States Constitution on the first day of the new Congress. Everyone in government should keep the Constitution firmly in mind.
The commitment of  constitutional conservatives’  to our country’s founding principles is widely known. That … Continue Reading

Fastcase is new free legal research benefit for Georgia Bar members

This month all Georgia lawyers have a new resource for online legal research as a benefit of membership in the State Bar of Georgia. The Member Benefits Committee compared  Fastcase to the online research site that was previously provided to Georgia Bar members, and found Fastcase better in several significant aspects. Here are links to … Continue Reading

Atlanta’s snow storm traffic problems mostly tractor trailers

Like most Atlantans, I was stuck at home for three days this week, catching up on home repair projects and watching weather reports and scenes of truck wrecks on TV.  Fortunately, there was no power failure. I recall once in my childhood at Mentone, Alabama, we had an ice storm that closed schools for two weeks … Continue Reading