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Georgia DOT considers three new intersection designs

Road design is a big factor in preventing auto and truck accidents, personal injury and wrongful deaths in Georgia and around the world. In my practice as a personal injury trial attorney in Atlanta, it is clear to me that prevention is the best approach.
According to an article by Ariel Hart in today’s Atlanta Journal … Continue Reading

“Vision Zero” in Sweden seeks elimination of traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2020

 As personal injury and wrongful death trial attorney in Georgia, I have always assumed that highway carnage – auto and truck accidents, injuries and fatalities – were as inevitable as death and taxes. As long as humans are capable of fatal errors, these tragedies would be with us.
But Sweden, where one of my cousins now … Continue Reading

Burn survivor experiences

The current issue of Safety Report magazine carries an article by Charlie Morecraft, "A Burn Survivor’s True Story."   It shows more insight about the experience of burn injuries more than anything I have read.  Some excerpts:

"Burn victims will tell you that it doesn’t matter how much morphine is injected. They say the pain is so … Continue Reading

Quadriplegic congressman re-elected

Jim Langevin was paralyzed from the chest down in a gunfire accident as a teenager 30 years ago while working as a police volunteer. For 10 years he has been the only quadriplegic in the U.S. Congress. Before being elected to Congress, he was Rhode Island’s secretary of state and also served in the … Continue Reading

Alabama quadriplegic graduate student fights for right to live at home

A quadriplegic since 1995, Paul Boyd has sued the Alabama Medicaid agency in an effort to get home-based care that would enable him to move out of a nursing home where he now lives.
Boyd argues that the agency would save money by letting him live in a house, with some assistance. He wants to … Continue Reading

Quadriplegic farmer designs wheelchair accessible tractor

Canadian farmer, quadriplegic due to injury but determined to work, invents tractor that can be operated from wheelchair.
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