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Tire tread separation blamed for death on I-20 in Douglas County

This afternoon in Douglas County, my former home, a 2001 Ford Explorer crashed due to tread separation on a tire and predictable driver reaction to that event. The 39 year old driver from Austell was killed.
Tire failure is a well known cause of fatal crashes. Some time back I made the joint damages presentation for … Continue Reading

Feds question Jeep gas tank safety

As a a trial attorney based in Atlanta, some of the more interesting cases on which I have worked have involved defectively designed or manufactured vehicles.
This week the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration launched an investigation of the safety of gas tanks on three million Jeep Cherokees. The investigation covers Grand Cherokees in model years … Continue Reading

Researchers find possible path to regeneration of injured spinal cords

It’s a long way from experiments with lab mice to clinical treatment of humans, and as a Georgia trial attorney in Atlanta, I only represent human spinal cord injury survivors.
However, it is interesting to observe progress in animal experiments that may someday carry over to treatment of humans.
According to an article published in Nature Neuroscience, researchers … Continue Reading

Accutane on trial for causing loss of colon due to Crohn’s

Accutane is a drug originally developed for cancer treatment but that has been widely used for treatment of acne. Unfortunately, there have been widespread reports of terrible side effects, including bowel diseases including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. It was taken off the market last year.  As an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, handling civil liability … Continue Reading

Ms. Wheelchair America

The word on the extended family grapevine tonight is that my wife’s cousin’s daughter, Alex McArthur, a recent Davidson College graduate, has been named Ms. Wheelchair America for the coming year. She has been in a wheelchair three years due to muscular dystrophy.
Last year, one of our clients, Alyson Roth, a spinal cord injury survivor, … Continue Reading

Concussion syndrome may mimic Lou Gehrig’s Disease

For an attorney handling Georgia brain injury cases, the difficulty of sorting out causes and effects is both frustrating and fascinating. Now there is a study reporting that head trauma may produce a motor neuron disease syndrome that looks like ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. In fact, the researchers hypothesize … Continue Reading

Sam Olens wins Republican primary runoff for Attorney General

Atlanta Georgia GA attorney lawyer
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Atlanta taxi death case underscores scandal of our taxi fleet

Today the Georgia DOT settled for $600,000 a hotly contested wrongful death case that included claims of negligent right of way maintenance by the City of Hapeville, negligent highway design by GDOT, negligent taxi inspection by the City of Atlanta, and a taxi operating with bald tires on a rain slick roadway.
The more significant fact … Continue Reading

Georgians injured in Michigan may have second chance to recover damages

My good friend Steve Gursten in Michigan just called to my attention a Michigan Supreme Court decision that s overturned  the nation’s harshest auto accident threshold law.
Under former Michigan case law, attorneys had told many people they had "no case" because Michigan law required that a bodily function be completely altered. Thus, people … Continue Reading