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“Take me to Grady” – trauma center care reduces rate of paralysis after spinal cord injury

If you ever suffer a major injury in metro Atlanta and are still able to talk, remember to say, "take me to Grady."  This is important because treatment at  a Level 1 trauma center significantly improves prospects of successful outcome. A recent article on "The Effects of Trauma Center Care, Admission Volume, and Surgical Volume … Continue Reading

Spinal cord injury treatments suggested in recent research

Spinal cord injury survivors may someday have more hope for functional recovery. An article in Brain by James Fawcett at Cambridge University summarizes research papers reporting functional recovery following a variety of treatments. These have included interventions that affect myelin inhibitory molecules and their receptors, or inhibitory chondroitin sulphate proteoglycans, and treatments in which the … Continue Reading

MV-1 is first factory built car for wheelchair access

Survivors of spinal cord injury face life-long problems with mobility.  As an attorney representing spinal cord injury survivors, I have often addressed needs for adapted vehicles in life care plans. Now there is news of the first factory-built, wheelchair accessible car – the MV-1 – which is a milestone for the 14 million American adults … Continue Reading

Spinal cord & brain injuries – Shepherd to host North American Neurorehabilitation Symposium

Atlanta’s Shepherd Center to host North American Neurorehabilitation Symposium.
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Apportionment of damages statute misconstrued to detriment of injured Georgians

Georgia Court of Appeals holds that apportionment of damages among all at fault is mandatory, even if when victim is blameless and even when recovery from some at fault is impossible.
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Woman shot to death in Buckhead apartment building

Woman shot to death in her Buckhead apartment in Atlanta.
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Texas trucker arrested for death of woman on I-285 in Sandy Springs

Texas truck driver arrested for vehicular homicide in death of woman on I-285 in Sandy Springs, Georgia.
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BP suit filed by Georgia owners of Florida property

Class action against BP filed in federal court in Atlanta.
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Attacks on tort responsibility may have less political traction in light of BP oil spill

BP oil spill puts “tort reform” in a different political light.
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Are personal injury damages taxable, and what does Dennis Rodman have to do with it?

Personal injury damages are generally not taxable, but beware of the exceptions.
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