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Lawyers who directly solicit accident victims are subject to disbarment

Would you really want your important case to be handled by a bottom feeding scumbag of a lawyer so unethical and desperate that he is willing to risk losing his license to practice law if he is caught in that solicitation?
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Georgia Personal Injury Practice book manuscript completed

This morning at 8:58 AM, I completed writing my book, Georgia Personal Injury Practice. It’s been like a mouse giving birth to an elephant.
This morning I will email the chapters to my editor at West Publishing, a division of Thomson Reuters. Undoubtedly there will be much work in the editing process.  But if all goes … Continue Reading

Ford Explorer rollover after tire failure kills two on I-20 in metro Atlanta

It’s an all too familiar story — tire failure, Ford Explorer rollover, two people die.
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Atlanta bus crash tragedy leading to new standards for road signs and bus safety

Bluffton University baseball team bus crash in Atlanta (March 2007) helped bring about new US standards for highway signage and motor coach passenger protection.
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“Defriending” on Facebook my real-world friends who happen to be judges

Florida has ruled that judges and lawyers cannot be “friends” on Facebook. Out of an abundance of caution, most around the US will follow suit.
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“One call that’s all?” Personal injury “settlement mills” blasted in Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics

"Run-of-the-Mill Justice" by Stanford Law professor Nora Freeman Engstrom, published in a recent issue of Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, analyzes the practices of "settlement mill" law firms — those that "advertise aggressively, sign a higher percentage of callers to contract, delegate more duties to non-lawyers, file fewer lawsuits, and take far fewer cases to … Continue Reading

Genetic treatment may give hope for brain and spinal cord injuries

As a Georgia attorney representing people with spinal cord and brain injuries, I am always alert to new treatments that offer hope for a better life for them.
New animal studies at Children’s Hospital of Boston showed the suppression of the SOCS3 gene, an inhibitor of a growth pathway called mTOR — resulted in vigorous growth … Continue Reading

4,000 years of “tort reform”

As an Atlanta trial attorney representing folks who are badly hurt in interstate commercial trucking accidents, and the survivors of those who are killed, I spend a lot of my time flying around the country to take depositions of trucking company executives and truck drivers, and briefing issues under federal motor carrier safety law. It’s a … Continue Reading

Grady Burn Center gets important upgrade

In case you or a loved one are ever in a serious accident, or have a serious burn injury, anywhere in northern Georgia, memorize these four words: 
"Take me to Grady!"
While Grady has a public reputation as an overburdened, financially troubled inner city hospital dealing with a huge population of indigent patients, it is also … Continue Reading

“Hard Times in Trucking Litigation” article to be published in Trial magazine

Yesterday afternoon, I was surprised by a request for permission to publish a paper I presented at a trucking litigation continuing legal education program in San Francisco last July. It  will appear in Trial magazine in February 2010. The topic is "Hard Times in Trucking Litigation: What To Do When the Trucking Company Goes Under."  It’s … Continue Reading