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Rapid response essential after a trucking crash

When a significant motor carrier collision happens, the pattern response is for the truck driver to immediately call the dispatcher, who calls the risk manager even at home in the middle of the night, who in turn calls in a “rapid response team” – a defense lawyer in the state where the crash occurred in … Continue Reading

Commercial trucking crashes are not just big car wrecks

Any lawyer who assumes that a large commercial truck crash is just a bigger car
wreck is dangerously naive. Investigation, discovery, technology and law involved in the
crashes of large commercial trucks are substantially different from other motor vehicle
accident cases.
Counsel must be familiar with a national body of trucking law based primarily on the Federal Motor Carrier … Continue Reading

Elected to national board of Interstate Trucking Litigation Group

As a trucking safety attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, I have found it is extremely important to network with other attorneys doing the same kind of work throughout the United States.
At the American Association for Justice convention in San Francisco last Saturday, I spoke at the Interstate Trucking Litigation Group seminar on Saturday and had dinner with … Continue Reading

Interstate Trucking Litigation Group seminar in San Francisco

Today I’m heading home from the American Association for Justice annual meeting in San Francisco. On Saturday, I was one of the speakers at the Interstate Trucking Litigation Group seminar.  I had a fairly dry topic, though one necessary in these difficult economic times, "Hard Times in Trucking Litigation: What to Do When the Trucking Defendant … Continue Reading

Fatal road crashes decline in Georgia

Fatal crashes decline with economy, increased fuel prices, improved safety features.
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No median barrier planned on section of I-85

Former State Trooper, now county commissioner, blasts omission of median barrier cables from rebuilt section of I-85 in Coweta County, Georgia.
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Truck safety advocates seek requirement of speed-limiting devices

Both citizen safety advocates, led by Stephen Owings, an Atlanta financial planner, and the American Trucking Association have joined in seeking rules requiring speed limiting devices on interstate commercial trucks. They say the devices will save both lives and money.
Owings founded Road Safe America after his son, Cullum, was killed on a Virginia interstate in … Continue Reading

Family killed in fiery crash on I-75 identified

The four people killed this week in a fiery crash on I-75 near Valdosta, Georgia, have been identified.  They were a family from central Kentucky — Jerome Roberts, 40, Cheryl Collins, 41, MaRhonda Collins, 20, and August Roberts, 11, all of Midway, Kentucky.
The horror of death by fire is almost unspeakable.

The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Great Lawyer

How to select a lawyer.
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Georgia Supreme Court nominees

This Tuesday, I had a mostly pleasant interview with the Georgia Judicial Nominating Commission. Friends had submitted my name for a vacancy on the Supreme Court of Georgia, and duly flattered I went through the process.
However, I went into it expecting nothing, and was not disappointed when that’s exactly what I got.
I now extend my heartfelt congratulations … Continue Reading