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Tractor trailer in Oklahoma slams into line of stopped traffic, kills 9

On Friday, 6/26/09, on I-44 near Miami, Oklahoma, a tractor trailer slammed into a line of stopped traffic, killing nine people.
The tractor trailer driver apparently made no attempt to slow or stop. Whether the driver was fatigued or distracted was not immediately reported.
Witnesses described the pileup in 100 degree heat as looking like … Continue Reading

“Stella Awards” making the rounds again, and debunked again

There are some frivolous lawsuits, but the Stella Awards list is false.
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Bill in Congress would require Electronic On-Board Recorders in all interstate motor carriers

To control truck driver fatigue, for many years federal regulations have required interstate truck drivers to log their driving, on duty and off duty time. But from the beginning, falsification of logs has been common. Many have regarded driver logs as "comic books." In our cases, we have unraveled webs of deception to show … Continue Reading

Rising premiums due to economy and hurricanes, not injury claims

The insurance industry always winds up blaming injury victims and their lawyers for premium increases that result from investment losses and hurricanes.  However, there is a revealing article this week in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
Increases of car and insurance rates of 5% to 11% in Georgia this year are — accordnig to insurance industry sources … Continue Reading

The stages of grief

In my work as a catastrophic injury trial lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, I have often worked with clients who have lost a loved one in a sudden traumatic event.  To see a video of me talking about wrongful death case, click here.
In working with grieving survivors, we must be sensitive to the stages of the … Continue Reading

Gwinnett mom killed by drunk speeding through neighborhood

This news story brings out the old prosecutor in me.
Sunday evening in Gwinnett County, a young mom walked out to the street to tell a driver who had repeatedly sped through her neighborhood to slow down.
But the allegedly drunk driver ran off the road and hit her, crushing her between the front of his truck … Continue Reading

Does venue matter any more?

For years both lawyers and insurance claims professionals assumed that a plaintiff could not win a substantial verdict in certain suburban Atlanta counties, notably Cobb and Gwinnett.  Until the past couple of years, I felt the same way.
Last week, there was a verdict for $1,937,500 in Cobb County.  The plaintiff was an assistant attorney general who … Continue Reading