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Watch “The Price is Right” on April 13th

Over the years I’ve been incredibly inspired by the courage and spirit of clients who have spinal cord injuries.  One of those is Alyson Roth, who became a paraplegic in an accident on the trip home from a summer job with Campus Crusade at Yosemite prior to her senior year at Samford University.  
Alyson returned … Continue Reading

Georgia’s medical malpractice statute of repose held unconstitutional as applied to mentally handicapped

South Georgia federal judge finds no rational basis for shortening time for mentally handicapped people to file a medical malpractice case.
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Georgia Trucking Accident Attorney
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Georgia Truck Accident Attorney Blog
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Georgia follows common sense course on expert testimony

Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals was a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1993 that led to a sea change in standards for admitting expert testimony into evidence. Setting out a set of factors to be considered by courts in such decisions, it spread from questions of cutting edge science to the most mundane forms of … Continue Reading

What traits are needed in an effective lawyer?

A study by professors at  the University of California, Berkeley, has concluded that the Law School Admission Test is "not particularly useful" in predicting an aspiring lawyer’s effectiveness in the profession after law school. 
The study included a survey that produced a list of  26 effectiveness factors with 8 umbrella categories.  They are not yet to … Continue Reading

What makes a lawyer great?

Never take for granted your knowledge, your clients or your colleagues. Be curious. Listen. Care.
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What should unemployed young lawyers do?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the problem of lawyers — most but not all of whom are fairly young — who have been laid off from big law firms or whose job offers have been rescinded at such firms. It’s an interesting whipsaw of fortune compared to the unsustainably high salaries … Continue Reading

Sometimes a blog post really should be written like a legal brief

The blogging gurus have told me not to write blog posts like legal briefs.

Make posts short, with short sentences and bullet points, they say.
But tonight, leaving a bar association dinner, a judge’s law clerk read my name tag and had a flash of recognition.
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Keep the promise of medical care for veterans’ service related injuries

There’s a disturbing report out of Washington that has nothing to do with truck accidents or litigation, but about which I’m writing anyway.
Reportedly the Obama administration is considering a proposal to bill veterans’ private individual insurance carriers for treatment of service-related medical conditions at Veterans Administration medical center.  Currently the VA bills insurer only for … Continue Reading