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Should I sue manufacturer because 11-year-old got spring from mechanical pencil stuck through his finger?

Those commentators and politicians who complain about frivolous lawsuits have no idea how many frivolous cases experienced lawyers screen out of the system.  Here’s the latest I’ve seen.
Q.  My 11 years old son was injured by a defective mechanical pencil. A spring from the pencil went through his finger. We had to take my son … Continue Reading

Can I pursue a medical malpractice claim for injury that did not heal properly?

Can I pursue a medical malpractice claim for injury that did not heal properly?
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Can I sue a night club where I fell when I don’t know why I fell?

Q.  I fell down stairs in a nightclub and suffered a gash in my leg which required 18 stitches, x-rays & 2 additional doctor visits. I had not been drinking. I was only there to see a friend and had only been in the club about 15-30 minutes. The stairs were clear acrylic with multi-colored … Continue Reading

Should I sue restaurant for chipped tooth?

The politicans who complain about frivolous lawsuits don’t see the ones we screen out. Here’s a recent question and my response.
Q.  On November 25th 2008, my boyfriend had purchased, among other things a order of fries. We live about 5 minutes from the store. When he returned home we proceeded to eat. The fries were … Continue Reading

Can I sue a doctor for malpractice in 1994?

Once again, we often hear from folks after their time has run out. Here’s a question I got last week from a lady who waited way too long.
Q.  When I had my first child in 1994, the MD performed an episiotomy which caused severe nerve damage (sliced through tissue from vagina to rectum). I did … Continue Reading

Pennsylvania case highlights need to uphold judicial integrity

The organized Bar across the country makes a big point of supporting judicial independence. We should make just as big a point of supporting judicial integrity.
An article by Ian Urbina in The New York Times tells the sad tale of how two Pennsylvania judges have pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court to accepting $2.6 … Continue Reading

Can I sue an old lady who pulled out in front of my motorcycle?

Sometimes I have represented injured motorcyclists in litigation.  Here’s a question that hit my desk this week about a motorcycle accident in Geogia.
Q.  I live in Ga. An 83 yo woman turned left in front of me, I was on a motorcycle. Had to hit her in the passenger side rear wheel. Broke leg at … Continue Reading

Teaching lawyers to actually run a law practice

Here’s an excellent post by Ron Fox at the Lawyer Satisfaction Blog about how poorly law schools prepare their students to actually practice law and run a law office and something called "Solo Practice University." 
Nothing in law school prepares one for the responsibility of running the business of a law practice.  Law schools traditionally … Continue Reading

Is chiropractic testimony admissible?

As a personal injury trial lawyer in Atlanta, I wind up answering a lot of questions. Here’s one that came to me recently:
Q.  Is the diagnosis from a chiropractor allowed in personal injury cases in Georgia?
A.  A chiropractor can testify to document complaints and symptoms and regarding treatment within the scope of chiropractic care. However, in … Continue Reading

Can I sue veterinarian for making my dog sick?

Q.  Can I sue an animal doctor for giving my dog a vaccination shot that made him so sick that he had to be put down? … Continue Reading