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Tractor trailer crashes through median barrier, kills man in opposite lanes, on I-69 in Indiana

Federal rule requires “extreme caution” when in operating a commercial truck or bus in “hazardous conditions, such as those caused by snow, ice, … adversely affect visibility or traction.”
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Economy devastating funding for indigent legal services

Bad economy hits IOLTA accounts and funding for indigent legal services programs.
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China prepares to adopt tort law

While Russia is cracking down on jury trials, the modernization of the Chinese economy has led to finding that tort law is really a good thing. 
Whatever you may say about the Chinese, you can’t say they’re stupid.  Maybe they have figured out that our tort law system plays a valuable role in our free market … Continue Reading

Russian crackdown on jury trial rights just a little less subtle than procedural “reforms” here

With the Georgia legislature back in session in Atlanta, I am reminded of how some lobbyists and a few politicians distrust their fellow citizens so much that they keep trying to erode the right to trial by jury in civil cases.
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Governor announces plans for new law against frivolous litigation

In Atlanta this week, Georgia Governor Perdue made a surprise announcement that he will seek another round of tort reform  legislation, including a bill to stop "frivolous litigation."  I deplore  truly frivolous lawsuits  as much as the Governor does.
The language of the Governor’s proposal remains a closely guarded secret at this time. I look forward to … Continue Reading

Michigan Auto Lawyers Blog
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Treasurer of State Bar of Georgia

Today I became the sole nominee for election as Treasurer of the State Bar of Georgia for a one year term beginning in June 2009.  Fortunately, the Bar is in sound financial condition and has a superb chief financial officer in place. It will be a great learning experience and excellent preparation for the next … Continue Reading