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Georgia accidents kill 24 in Christmas holiday weekend

Georgia had 3,325 traffic accidents, with 868 injury victims and 24 deaths during the Christmas holiday weekend.  At least one of those crashes involved a tractor trailer, though the other driver was at fault.

Adult stem cells may be useful in spinal cord injury treatment

While I make my living as a trial attorney handling personal injury liability cases for people who have been seriously injured, I am also deeply interested in scientific advances that improve their prospects for productive lives of high quality.
Traumatic spinal cord injuries leading to quadriplegia and paraplegia are among the most devastating of all physical … Continue Reading

$1.25 million Georgia verdict for nursing home neglect

As an Atlanta trial lawyer, I have often seen instances of severe neglect in nursing homes. Last week I wrote on this blog about the ratings of Georgia’s 358 nursing homes, 115 of which rated "much below average." 
A few days ago, a DeKalb County jury returned a $1.25 million verdict for the family of an … Continue Reading

Surgery offers better odds than nonsurgical treatment for low back herniated discs

Study shows surgery has better outcomes than nonsurgical treatment for herniated disc in low back injury.
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Tractor trailer strikes snow removal truck in NH, reminding me of GA case 25 years ago

NH truck-snow plow crash reminds me of similar incident in GA 25 years ago.
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Where to send mama, or not — Georgia nursing home ratings

Of 358 Georgia nursing homes, 17 rank “much above average” and 115 rate “much below average.”
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Cooper tire issues another recall for defective tires, closes Albany plant

Sometimes quality control and financial stability go hand in hand.
This week I saw two announcements from Cooper Tire.
First, they recalled Cooper CS4 Touring (VR tires) size 215/55 R17 produced between September 7 and October 11, 2008.  This is part of a long history.  According to the NHTSA recall campaign these tires may have been cured … Continue Reading

Jury rejects defense try to shift blame, award $48 million for paraplegia injury

Representing individuals and families in cases of personal injury and wrongful death in Georgia, we deal with complex rules that the legislature tried to make more difficult in tort reform legislation in 2005.  However, in that hastily assembled legislation, the "law of unintended consequences" was at work.
When the Georgia legislature passed that omnibus tort reform bill … Continue Reading

Deceptive advertising as basis for products liability claims

The Georgia Fair Business Practices Act was enacted in the 1970’s. In the early nineties I sifted through the original legislative committee files at the archives in researching legislative intent. It is clear that this Georgia law encompasses personal injury and wrongful death claims based upon unfair or deceptive acts or practices in commerce, and … Continue Reading

Obama omits Southerners from appointments, but could make up for it soon

Teresa Wynn Roseborough would be fitting choice for Solicitor General of the United States.
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