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Metro Atlanta’s 10 worst intersections

The Atlanta Regional Commission determined these to be the 10 most crash-prone intersections in the region.  This is old news, but I doubt that the results would be much different now.
–  Austell Road at East-West Connector (Cobb)

– Barrett Parkway at Cobb Place Boulevard (Cobb)
– Cobb Parkway at Barrett Parkway  (Cobb)
– Tara Boulevard at North Avenue … Continue Reading

Brain trauma may be visualized with new form of MRI

As a trial lawyer handling traumatic brain injury cases, one of my frustrations is that serious diffuse axonal injuries cannot be visualized with normal CT and MRI scans.  High resolution PET scans combined with functional MRI (fMRI) can show more, but access is extremely limited in this part of the country.
MIT Technology Review has reported on three new … Continue Reading

Weight lifting accident at gym results in quadriplegia, $18.6 million recoveries

A former Marine who holds degrees in chemical engineering, business and law was paralyzed  in Los Angeles eight years ago because a  horizontal bar of weights fell due to the fact that no adjustable safety stops were installed on the machine.  Suits against Gold’s Gym, Flex (equipment manufacturer) and an insurance company ultimately resulted in total … Continue Reading

Drive Safer Sunday commemorates young Atlanta man killed by speeding tractor trailer on cruise control

In today’s  Atlanta Journal-Constitution includes there appears a tragically true story by Steve Owings, whose son was killed by a speeding tractor trailer on cruise control six years ago. In the wake of his son’s death, Steve and his wife founded Road Safe America
Knowing Steve’s motivation to make the roads safer for everyone, I’m taking … Continue Reading

Truck crash in fog kills woman

A big rig driver unable to see his way through dense fog Monday morning in Fresno, California, was going too fast to see stopped traffic through the fog when he struck and killed a young woman .
Tractor trailer driver Martin Nelson, 22, of Fresno, failed to see stopped traffic in heavy fog when he struck … Continue Reading

Truck crash on snowy Interstate in Virginia kills three

Fatal truck accidents in bad weather are an all too common — and preventable — tragedy that we see in our law practice. 
Despite the very clear federal standard requiring "extreme caution" in hazardous weather and pull over if necessary, and guidelines in the Commercial Drivers License Manual to slow down by at least one-third, truck … Continue Reading

Trucking company shut down by court in South Dakota

In truck crash litigation we sometimes find judges who fundamentally don’t understand interstate motor carrier law and refuse to learn. Therefore, it is refreshing to read of judges who do "get it," and who are willing to act forcefully to protect the safety of the traveling public.
The U.S. District Court for South Dakota recently ordered … Continue Reading

FMCSA fast tracks industry-backed rule changes in waning days of Bush Presidency

As a trucking accident lawyer in Atlanta, I have been following developments in rule changes on truck driver hours of service for several years. There has been quite a history of the administration proposing longer driving hours, with trucking industry backing, only to have the rules struck down by courts as arbitrary, capricious, etc.  However, the … Continue Reading