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Tractor trailer runs stop sign, kills 6 in Florida

As a trucking trial attorney, I see it all too often.  And now again.  Early yesterday morning a tractor trailer loaded with sand ran a stop sign in south central Florida, striking a van on the right side. and killing six men.  According to an Associated Press report by Christine Armario, investigators were still trying … Continue Reading

School bus accident data

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported  the following statistics on school transportation accidents between 1996 and 2006.
* 1,536 people  died in school transportation-related crashes. Compare that with 41,059 traffic fatalities in the United States in 2007 alone.

* An average of 40 people per year died in school bus accidents.
* 72 percent of school bus accident … Continue Reading

Trucker on cell phone crashes into school bus, kills a child

A Florida truck driver admitted that he was on his cell phone yesterday when he slammed into a school bus, killing a 13-year-old student. According to a report by Austin Miller of the Ocala Star-Banner, the school bus, which had stopped to let children off , had its warning lights on and stop signs out. … Continue Reading

Will trucking companies start recruiting unemployed investment bankers?

Will displaced Wall Street investment bankers become truck drivers?
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Cell phone and text messaging distractions in accident litigation

When cell phones and then text messaging came along, a lot of folks just figured they could drive as safely talking on a cell phone as talking to a passenger. I was one of them.   A couple of years ago we began to see reports of studies showing that driving while talking on a cell … Continue Reading

New federal evidence rule on inadvertent disclosures

The new Federal Rule of Evidence 502 deals with inadvertent disclosures of privileged information, especially in the context of electronic discovery.
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Tour bus seat belt legislation blocked … again

Forty years after NTSB recommended requiring seat belts on buses, the industry has again blocked legislation to require them.
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Georgia truck wreck lawyer comment cited among best blog posts about impact of Wall Street mess

Georgia truck wreck lawyer comment cited among best blog posts about impact of Wall Street mess.
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Georgia auto property damage diminution of value claims

georgia automobile insurance attorney
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Implications of the economic crisis for trucking and insurance

Expect the crisis on Wall Street to affect trucking economics, safety and insurance claims.
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