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Insurance company rules

This is over the top, but it contains a core of truth.

Insurance Company Rules

Georgia Courts Automation Commission

In the "be careful what you wish for" category, I got word today of appointment to the Georgia Courts Automation Commission. The enacting legislation in 1990 authorized the Commission to:

Define, implement, and administer a state-wide courts automation system;
Coordinate and cooperate with the state’s chief information officer with regard to planning, implementation, and administration of a … Continue Reading

$60 million bad faith verdict in disability insurance case

While over half my practice involves truck accident litigation in Georgia, I have also done some disability insurance bad faith litigation and participated in one long products liability trial in Las Vegas. Therefore, this story of a disability insurance bad faith verdict in Las Vegas caught my eye.

Last week in federal court in Las Vegas, … Continue Reading

25 high margin medical procedures.

As an Atlanta lawyer handling mostly catastrophic truck wreck cases, I tend to view doctors more as friends than adversaries.  However, the opinions of some notwithstanding, they are as human as the rest of us.
The X-Ray Technicians blog recently posted a list of medical procedures with very high profit margins, suggesting that at least … Continue Reading

Alabama increases minimum auto insurance requirements

A new Alabama law increases the minimum automobile liability insurance coverage to equal what has long been required in Georgia — to $25,000 in coverage for a single injury or death, $50,000 for multiple injuries or deaths, and $25,000 for property damage.  Alabama motorists will be required to comply with the new limits when they … Continue Reading

Traumatic brain injury victims need immediate nutritional supplements

After traumatic brain injury, it is critically important to immediately begin nutritioal supplementation, by a gastric tube or PIC line if necessary.  According to a recent study from New York Presbyterian Hospital, without gastric feeding within the first 5-7 days of suffering their injury, TBI patients had a two- and four-fold higher likelihood of death. … Continue Reading

Auto accidents due to cell phone distraction countered by new California law

Though my accident and injury law practice is in Atlanta, Georgia,  I recently spent ten days in southern California, where I saw the heavy marketing for hands-free devices for cell phone due to the new law that went into effect on July 1.   In California, it is now against the law to drive a vehicle … Continue Reading

Mississippi Supreme Court hostile to injured citizens

As an attorney representing citizens in cases of catastrophic injury, I depend upon courts being fair, evenhanded and impartial.  Georgia judges are relatively nonpolitical and fair to both sides. An analysis of the Mississippi Supreme Court shows how bad it can get when courts become politicized. 
According to an article by Alex Alston of the … Continue Reading