Monthly Archives: June 2008

Georgia Court Watch report shows our appellate courts are middle of the road

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of serving, along with some folks who are clearly smarter than me, on the advisory board of Georgia Court Watch, which is a project of Georgia Watch, a nonprofit and nonpartisan group committed to consumer rights in Georgia.
We recently issued an annual report on Georgia appellate … Continue Reading

Catastrophic truck accidents – how to pick a lawyer

Too many attorneys  think that a tractor trailer collision is just a bigger car wreck.  They know not that they know not , and therefore do not spot the issues or take the steps required  to preserve and develop evidence or reach all the sources of insurance coverage. In my Georgia personal injury practice, I … Continue Reading

Neurofibromatosis Research Conference in Florida

Last Monday at Bonita Springs, Florida, I spoke at an international conference of medical researchers on neurofibromatosis, the condition that made my daughter deaf.  Other than a handful of patient family representatives who were invited to provide a human perspective, the participants were research scientists and medical specialists from top unitiversties and research centers around … Continue Reading

Changing my gears in the State Bar of Georgia

Last Saturday, I took office as secretary of the State Bar of Georgia, having been elected by a comfortable margin in a statewide Bar election. Other than taking roll and asking approval of minutes at meetings of the Board of Governors, the duties of the secretary are loosely defined.  For the next year I will … Continue Reading

Newspeak: insurance claims “counselors”

I just got word of a new example of deceptive claims practices in the insurance industry. A major insurance company is now  referring to its claims adjusters as "counselors."  When one calls the claims department, the recording says,  "All of our COUNSELORS are busy but someone will be with you shortly."  It appears the … Continue Reading

Association of Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America

I’ve been in St. Louis for the past couple of days serving on the faculty of the first national continuing legal education program sponsored by the new Association of Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America.  As usual, I’ve learned more than I’ve taught.  After all, if I can give everyone one new idea, but 20 … Continue Reading