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Why run for State Bar office?

Some of my friends have asked why in the world I would take time from my busy law practice for volunteer service on the State Bar Executive Committee and now to run for Secretary of the State Bar of Georgia. That’s a fair question that deserves an answer more serious than, "it’s on my bucket … Continue Reading

How our team used a minor role in the State Bar to win enactment of practical, nuts and bolts legislation

Before election to the State Bar Board of Governors, during the 1990’s I went through a sequence of offices in the Tort & Insurance Practice Section — Secretary-Treasurer, Section Chair, and then a few years as Legislative Chair. When I became Section Chair in June 1994, I sat down at breakfast with a mix of … Continue Reading

Overcoming stereotyping of people — clients, opponents, witnesses, jurors, or folks on the street

I grew up in rural Alabama and Georgia in the 1950s and 1960s, and began my legal career under a DA who instructed us to always strike all blacks from juries. When I decided to prosecute a black-on-black rape case in 1978, just as I had a white-on-white rape case, some of the folks around … Continue Reading

Observations of a very intelligent truck driver

Part of my routine includes going to truck stops to meet with interstate truck drivers. Some are witnesses in cases, and some are clients injured when another truck hits their truck.  It often occurs to me that truck drivers and trial lawyers have a lot in common. About 95% are pretty good folks who work … Continue Reading

Brain injury web site for teens

As most parents of teens can attest, teenagers tend to have a solid belief in their own invulnerability.  Now the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey has published a web site  targeting teenagers  who currently are at highest risk for suffering from a brain injury.
The site provides information and educational resources in hopes of preventing … Continue Reading

State Bar Center unscathed by tornado

The Georgia  Bar Center in downtown Atlanta was previously the Federal Reserve Bank building.  A great stone edifice with bulletproof glass windows, it is built like a fortress.  It even has a currently unused shooting range in the basement which in the old days armored car guards and Secret Service used for practice.
When a tornado … Continue Reading

Use of video depositions at trial

Ron Miller has a good post on the Trial Lawyer Resource Center blog on "Should Your Bring Your Expert Witnesses Live to Trial?"  He makes a number of good points, and I commend it to your reading.
I’ll spare you the buggy-load of jokes about the status of technology when I started practicing law.  But up … Continue Reading

Electronic logs can help trucking companies become both safe and profitable

Interstate motor carriers and their drivers are required to make and maintain logs showing the driver’s hours of operation, activities and locations of stops. The potential for abuse is so legendary that paper logs are often referred to as "comic books." 
Many truck drivers have told me, off the record, of the impossible pressure on … Continue Reading

Baristas of the world unite …. Starbucks ordered to pay $100 million for sharing tips with shift supervisors

Once again, reality is stranger than fiction.  You just can’t make this stuff up.
San Diego Superior Court Judge Patricia Cowett has ordered Starbucks to pay its California baristas (coffee servers) $86 million, plus interest, for using some of its employees’ tips to pay shift supervisors. A plaintiffs attorney in the case said the total judgment … Continue Reading

Mexican truck drivers pass English proficiency test . . . in Spanish

The news of the entry of Mexican trucking companies and drivers into the US in recent months, despite concerted opposition in Congress, gets more amazing all the time.  Now the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is allowing Mexican drivers in the demonstration project to prove their proficiency in English by responding to the … Continue Reading