Monthly Archives: February 2008

Significant Georgia court decision on municipal and state liability

There was a potentially significant decision on February 19th in the Georgia Court of Appeals. It involves two of the most notriously scandalous avoidances of accountability in metro Atlanta — taxi cabs and the City of Atlanta — as well as the notoriously tough area of DOT liability for road design and maintenance.  I’m confident … Continue Reading

The burden of catastrophic medical bills

As an attorney in Atlanta handling catastrophic injury cases, I often see problems with the "sticker price" on medical and hospital bills significantly exceeding the "reasonable and customary" amounts paid by medical insurers, and occasionally huge gaps between the bills and the available coverage. There are no easy solutions, so we just work it out … Continue Reading

Truck crash on I-285 kills one

Wednesday morning, 2/20/08, a tractor trailer on I-285 failed to stop for slowing traffic, struck a car, and pushed it into the rear of another tractor trailer. This happened near the intersection of I-20 where there is often a long line of tractor trailers backed up waiting to transition from I-285 to I-20.  The driver of the car … Continue Reading

Skidding a bobtail tractor on wet pavement

The handling characteristics of a bobtail tractor (operating without a trailer) are far different from a tractor-trailer combination, especially on wet pavement. Here’s a test I happened to find on Youtube. The results of braking a bobtail tractor on wet pavement are pretty predictable.

Don’t blame God when people break the rules

Saturday morning, at the request of a patient’s family  who urgently want to provide for his care needs, I visited an intensive care unit at Grady Memorial Hospital to attempt to interview a man who became a quadriplegic in a recent traffic collision. Laying paralyzed in a bed, breathing through a tube, he was too … Continue Reading

New source for free legal research

It’s not Westlaw or Lexis, but there’s a new source of free legal research — the Public Library of Law. I wouldn’t rely on it for anything complicated, but it’s OK for a quick, free check of something relatively simple.

Decapitation by side underride

Here’s an intriguing video about the problem of side underride and the lack of side underride guards on trailers in the US. In viewing this, imagine what happens when a driver comes upon a tractor-trailer pulling out of a side road or driveway at night at highway speed. I showed this at a trucking … Continue Reading

Justice for injured truck drivers too

As an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, with a practice heavily concentrated on trial of large truck and bus crash cases, I represent injured truck drivers (and their widows) almost as much as occupants of  other vehicles.  Posts about truckers violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations sometimes give folks the mistaken impression that I am … Continue Reading

Truck Collision Litigation conference in New Orleans

I’ve spent the last few  days in New Orleans at the American Association for Justice Litigating Truck Collision Cases seminar.  I spoke on Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) in relation to large truck products liability cases, debunking misconceptions about those minimal and largely outmoded standards.
Since I know opposing counsel read my blog, I … Continue Reading