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Explaining closed head injuries to a jury

Brain injury survivors can look great even when their mental functioning is scrambled. To make the reality graphically visible to jurors it is often necessary to use sophisticated medical illustrations and animations. Several samples of animations explaining brain injuries are available online, though of course for trial use we would have to pay them.  For … Continue Reading

Quadriplegic lawyers show the rest of us we have no excuses

When I was a young lawyer there was a very busy quadriplegic trial lawyer in Atlanta named Stan Nylen.  He made his was from courthouse to courthouse in an "Ironsides" van and driver/attendant. Stan could raise one hand just enough to extend two fingers to shake hands. "Old war horse" lawyers in Atlanta have quite … Continue Reading

Market volatility may lead to insurance premiums increases, blaming injury victims, and calls for another round of “tort reform”

The downturn in world financial markets bodes ill for people injured by the negligence of others, as insurance companies are likely to ramp up new calls for additional "tort reform" in order to make up for their investment losses. We have seen it several times before. 
In the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s, insurance companies raised premiums … Continue Reading

Trucking hours-of-service rule criticized again

As an attorney handling trucking accident cases in Atlanta, Georgia, I frequently deal with issues of truck driver fatigue, and the controversy over the change in hours-of-service rules that wears out drivers while enabling shippers and trucking companies to squeeze more work hours out of them. 
Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, an appropriately named … Continue Reading

Tractor trailer runs stop sign, kills man in Bloomgindale, GA

1/22/08, 6:45 AM. At Bloomingdale, in Chatham County near Savannah, a tractor trailer ran a stop sign and t-boned a pickup, killing a woman in the smaller vehicle.  Whether the tractor trailer driver was fatigued from driving all night, or if there was some other underlying cause, is not revealed in the initial media report.

Atlanta murder trial delays — why not follow the KISS principle?

Justice delayed is justice denied.  Brian Nichols is charged with escape when he overcame a deputy and took her gun, and with the murders of Judge Roland Barnes in his courtroom at Fulton County Superior Court, a court reporter also in the courtroom, a deputy sheriff outside the courthouse, and a federal officer several miles … Continue Reading

ER malpractice claims are DOA in Georgia

Occasionally we get calls from potential clients who are interested in a possible malpractice suit based on alleged malpractice in a hospital emergency room. Even if the medical treatment appears to fall short of an appropriate standard of care, we have to explain to them that as a practical matter there is no case. The … Continue Reading

Quadriplegic former cheerleader an inspiration to others

Here is another one of those stories about a spinal cord injury survivor that is both heart breaking and inspirational — a former high school cheerleader paralyzed in a freak accident who is focused on her physical therapy, hoping for the day that stem cell treatment might help her. She has even gone scuba diving. … Continue Reading

Visit to Macon Bar Association

                                           Bibb County Courthouse
At the Board of Governors meeting on January 12th, a couple of very kind and generous friends put my name in nomination for Secretary of the State Bar of Georgia.  Perhaps that is in the "be careful what you … Continue Reading

Explaining pressure sores to a jury in spinal cord injury cases

Trial lawyers representing paraplegics and quadriplegics must understand pressure sores — also called bedsores or decubitus ulcers — well enough to explain it to a judge and jury.
Continue reading…