Monthly Archives: August 2007

Progressive Insurance under investigation for spying in church

It takes a lot for Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine — who is normally considered to be in the pocket of the insurance industry — to launch an apparently aggressive investigation of a major insurance company.  Now, however, even Oxendine has ordered a market conduct examination into recent allegations of invasion of privacy, fraud and … Continue Reading

A truck driver’s critique of the trucking industry

While I feed my family largely by handling catastrophic damage suits against trucking companies, I receive a lot of interesting communications from truck drivers critical of practices in the industry in which they are the underpaid pawns.  The following was posted as a comment about a specific company, but I’m putting on the blog as … Continue Reading

Masters of deceit

Why do people distrust lawyers as a group?  I have seen examples this year — mostly from one law firm that shall remain nameless — of sharp practice that may or may not be punishable under the Rules of Professional Conduct but goes well beyond the bounds of decency and professionalism.
In one case, a lawyer … Continue Reading

Economic incentives to break trucking hours of service rules

An article in Saturday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper highlights some of the systemic problems with hours of service and driver fatigue in over the road trucking.  A few of the key points:

According to Gerald A. Donaldson, senior research director of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, more ingenious drivers routinely flout the regulations and … Continue Reading

New York judge notes shortage of ASL interpreters for the deaf in court

A judge in Queens County, NY, recently wrote a 13-page order awarding double the standard compensation for a sign language interpreter and spotlighting a severe shortage of court-certified interpreters in American Sign Language for the deaf. He noted that even in Rochester, NY, which has the largest per capita deaf population in the country, … Continue Reading

Understanding the severe forces in a motor vehicle crash

My friend Matt Flournoy in Marietta has posted on YouTube an excellent video explaining the extreme forces acting upon the human body in motor vehicle crashes.

Judicial salaries compared with top law firms’ pay for new graduates

Most of the top Atlanta law firms have now joined the trend to raise starting salaries for Atlanta associates to $145,000.  Without adjusting for inflation, that is exactly ten times my starting salary as a prosecutor thirty years ago. Of course, spiraling starting salaries lead to hourly billing requirements that leave no time for a … Continue Reading

Proposal for central clearinghouse on truckers’ positive drug tests

The American Trucking Associations is asking Congress to authorize and fund a centralized clearinghouse for positive drug and alcohol testing results of commercial motor vehicle drivers to ensure that motor carrier employers are aware of previous positive test results during the hiring process. The ATA notes that with between 2 percent and 2.5 percent of … Continue Reading