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Olfactory nerve stem cells possible treatment for spinal cord injury

Medical research in Portugal is exploring the possibility that olfactory nerve stem cells from a spinal cord injury patient may be used to repair the spinal cord injury.  The idea behind the procedure is that the nasal tissue has nerve cells that can regenerate.

Research suggests new protocol combining microsurgery and radiation after spinal cord injury

Research on rats with crushed spinal cords suggests potential for a new treatment protocol soon after injury combining radiation therapy to destroy harmful cells and microsurgery to drain excess fluids significantly increases the body’s ability to repair the injured cord leading to permanent recovery from injury.   When a midline incision was performed on the spinal … Continue Reading

A truck driver comments on hours of service rules

Usually reader comments appear in a blog just as an attachment to the blogger’s post, and sort of get lost in the shuffle.  However, this morning I received a comment from a seasoned truck driver named Andrew about the recent court ruling on hours of services rules that should stand on its own. 
As … Continue Reading

FDA approves Artificial Cervical Disc

The Food & Drug Administration on July 16th approved the first the first artificial cervical disc.  According to the developers, the prosthesis simulates the function of a natural cervical disc and provides patients with the ability to move their necks compared to the traditional practice of spinal fusion.  The results of the clinical trial show … Continue Reading

Day-Timer offers Brain Injury Recovery Kit

People who have sustained a brain injury are often advised to keep a detailed calendar and lists to help them keep track of tasks in their lives.  I have seen the necessity and helpfulness of this strategy up close in my family. The traditional Day-Timer calendars have been helpful to people near and dear to … Continue Reading

Philadelphia federal judge rejects ERISA plan’s grab for catastrohically injured child’s settlement

Thanks to alert reader Shannon Duffy at American Lawyer Media for calling to my attention a recent federal district court ruling in Philadelphia.
In Mills v. London Grove Township, a toddler had a serious serious head injury resulting in cerebral palsy.  Liability carriers agreed to pay their grossly inadequate policy limits. After fees and expenses a … Continue Reading

Federal court throws out 11 hour driving rule for truckers

Thanks to alert reader David Warren for calling this to my attention.
A federal appeals court in Washington, DC, on Tuesday threw out a the 2005 rule allow long-haul truckers to drive for up to 11 hours straight. For 60 years, truckers could drive for 10 hours at a time. Since the 2000 election, the Federal … Continue Reading

New Advance Directive form combines living will and health care power of attorney

Georgia law now provides for a single Advance Directive document as a hybrid of the living will and durable power of attorney for health care,  eliminating potential conflicts between the two documents.  Click here to download the form. 

Truck driver’s lack of English leads to truck-train crash

Police in Kings Mountain, NC, say a driver’s lack of understanding of the English language appears to have led to a violent wreck between a train and a tractor-trailer.  Truck driver Ricardo Ercia was crossing several train lines in town at South Battleground Avenue and Oak Street when he didn’t obey a traffic sign calling … Continue Reading

Trial Lawyers – sharks, wolves or sheep dogs?

I found a  painting by Jeff Leedy a few years ago in an art gallery in Sausalito titled "Counsel Approaching the Bench," with two shark fins cutting through the courtroom carpet toward the judge’s bench. (I encourage readers to follow the link above and purchase the print.)
This morning a client told me I was a … Continue Reading