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Georgia tanker truck crosses median in KY, kills TN trucker

6/25/07, Berea, KY. A Tennessee UPS truck driver was killed when at 2:50 AM  a tanker truck carrying liquid sulfur,  driven by a Georgia truck driver,  had a tire blew out, hit concrete median barrier, went airborne and crossed over intooncoming lanes. The tanker hit a UPS tractor trailer head-on. The UPS driver  Johnny l. … Continue Reading

Jackknifed tractor trailer on I-20 in AL crosses median, kills GA coach, injures high school athletes

On 6/24/07, a tractor trailer jackknifed on I-20 near Oxford, Alabama, crossed the median, and crashed head-on into a Honda occupied by an assistant football and basketball coach and three team members from North Oconee (GA) High School on the way home from a basketball camp at Jacksonville State University.  Coach Shawn Smith was killed.  … Continue Reading

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Allstate: “Good Hands” vs. “Boxing Gloves”

This month’s Trial magazine includes a grimly fascinating article by Santa Fe lawyer David Berardinelli about the meteoric increase in profits at Allstate at the expense of policyholders and claimants. In 1995, Allstate installed a new claims-handling system called “Claims Core Process Redesign” (CCPR) designed by McKinsey & Co., the corporate consulting firm whose … Continue Reading

Tractor trailer plows into slower traffic, kills 3 in PA

LANCASTER, PA, 6/26/07 – A tractor-trailer driver who did not notice slower-moving traffic in front of her caused the fiery seven-vehicle crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike that killed three people from New Jersey. The tractor-trailer hit six passenger cars and then burst into flames, police said. The dead were all in the first car hit, … Continue Reading

Conservative values and tort law

The Center for a Just Society is a conservative outfit that seeks to "advance and defend Judeo-Christian principles of human dignity and social justice in law, policy and the public square."  If you read their web site, it’s clearly a conservative organization.  In light of that faith-based conservatism, it is enlightening to read what they … Continue Reading

Tort law and true conservatives

Here’s an interesting commentary on the presidential race and one putative Republican candidate who opposes national "tort reform" on the basis of conservative principles:

Fred Thompson has not officially entered the race for President of the United States, yet already he is being assailed by Republican bluebloods who want preferential treatment in America’s civil justice system.  … Continue Reading

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Doctors’ personal chitchat found not helpful

A study published yesterday in The Archives of Internal Medicine, reached the conclusion that doctors’ disclosures about themselves fail to either help patients or establish rapport with the patients. Rather, the study showed that many doctors waste patients’ time and lose their focus in office visits by interjecting irrelevant information about themselves. 
The researchers started … Continue Reading

Recalled Chinese tires left out gum strip to prevent tread separation

Tires manufactured in China and sold in the U.S. under brand names Westlake, Compass, Telluride and YKS have been ordered recalled due to life threatening defects.  My bet is that no one will ever be able to hold anyone financially responsible, and certainly not in Georgia. The problem is compounded by the inability to enforce … Continue Reading