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FMCSA report on causes of truck wrecks

There are approximately 141,000 truck crashes every year in the US, according to a The Federal Motor Carry Safety Administration’s 2006 report.  In about 77,000 of these,  fault was attributed to the truck driver.   According to the FMCA 2006 report, the top 10 causes of truck accidents where the truck driver is a fault: … Continue Reading

Court of Appeals restricts use of medical narratives at trial

The Court of Appeals last week restricted the use of medical narrative reports in injury cases, holding it was reversible error to admit a neurologist’s unedited notes from the patient’s medical visits. The notes did not comply with O.C.G.A. § 24-3-18’s requirements for medical narratives, because they contained unexplained medical terms and … Continue Reading

Brain injury and neuroplasticity

A fascinating new book by Norman Doidge, The Brain That Changes Itself, poses hopeful and intriguing possibilities for brain injury victims — and for those of us who are merely stuck in the rut of middle age. The author gives numerous examples of patients with brain injury due to either trauma or illness whose brains … Continue Reading

Big rig crushes car on LA freeway

In Los Angeles last night, this big rig with a vehicle jammed underneath it  slid down an embankment off  the 60 freeway.  A unidentified victim was dead at the scene. The cause of the crash was not revealed in early reports. 

With my son planning to enroll in college in the LA area in … Continue Reading

Knights of the Bar
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New report on epidemiology of fatal childhood injuries

The first catastrophic plaintiff’s case I handled involved brain injury to a toddler in a condo swimming pool that was fenced an nominally locked, though not well enough to keep out a toddler who strayed from her mom who was momentarily distracted with care of a newborn sibling.  My own kids were little then, so … Continue Reading

NC doctors and trial lawyers agree on a $1 million malpractice damages cap

In a show of good sense, North Carolina doctors and trial lawyers have  joined to support a bill that would place a $1 million dollar cap on some medical malpractice cases. The bill would limit monetary damages in medical negligence cases for parties who agree to enter into binding arbitration. Lawmakers are … Continue Reading

The Bar should act to penalize and deter illegal and unethical case solicitation

Yesterday an attractive young lady appeared at my office without an appointment to solicit a relationship with a chiropractic clinic handling motor vehicle personal injury matters.  The relationship between some (though certainly not all) chiropractors and some bottom feeding lawyers is notorious.  Over the years I have heard numerous accounts of people whose names appear … Continue Reading

Challenges with court interpreters

A good, well trained court interpreter is essential when a witness is not fluent in English.  However, it is not enough to be merely bilingual. While we can usually get trained, certified court interpreters in the more common languages, that is often impossible when dealing with more obscure tongues. 
I had a vivid example today, … Continue Reading

A good day

It’s always a good day when you pick up a fi fa in the amount of $2,245,940.17, and at the same time get an order for the defendant to submit an appeal bond to cover that plus a year’s post-judgment interest.