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Truck wrecks kill 19 people in 15-hour period

Three headline-making fatal truck accidents occurred in a 15-hour period this week, killing 19 people. A truck wreck Jan. 25 killed seven children in Florida. A few hours later in Illinois, a wreck killed two adults and three children, plus the driver of the big rig. The next morning, a wreck killed six … Continue Reading

Fatigued Florida trucker kills seven kids in one family, injures several on school bus

A truck driver who plowed into a stopped car on 1/25/06 and killed seven children from one family had been awake for 34 hours, except for a short nap. This dramatically emphasizes the widespread problem of truck driver fatigue that we see time and time again.
Seven children from one family in Lake Butler, Florida … Continue Reading

Remarkable testimony in truck drivers’ depositions

The past couple of weeks I’ve been going around the country taking truck drivers’ depositions and racking up Skymiles. If nothing else, some have provided comic relief.
— A truck driver whose CB handle is “Alabama Outlaw” swore that no state or federal motor carrier rules apply to him, even though he was driving a … Continue Reading

Overturned latex tanker closes I-85 south in Gwinnett for 12 hours

Lawrenceville, GA, 1/25/06.
A tanker truck carrying liquid latex overturned on I-85 South near Ga. Highway 20 shortly after 4 AM Tuesday morning, causing the closing of all southbound lanes for 12 hours. While no injuries were reporting, it was a traffic nightmare for many thousands of commuters as Georgia DOT workers struggled to clean … Continue Reading

Carpet mill workers continue to be maimed or killed by defective equipment

A leading industry in Northwest Georgia is the manufacture of tufted carpet. A vital element of the local economy of Dalton, Calhoun and surrounding communities, the carpet industry provides a good living for a substantial portion of the local population as well as thousands of hard-working immigrants. Unfortunately, however, we have seen that … Continue Reading

State Tort Claims Act — Supreme Court allows some procedural grace

The Georgia State Tort Claims Act includes a minefield of procedural requirements for presuit notice of claim and service of claims and suits upon various officials. However, a recent decision written by Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Sears avoids draconian literalism in at least one of those procedural requirements. It is so technical, and … Continue Reading

Georgia Criminal Law Blog
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Tort reform has not produced promised cut in doctors’ insurance premiums

The current issue of Atlanta Business Chronicle includes a article by Kelly B. Thrasher, M.D.,, an Atlanta internal medicine specialist, pointing out that tort reform legislation has produced windfall profits for the insurance industry rather than savings for the physicians who were exploited in the political drive to get the legislation passed.
The Medical Association of … Continue Reading

New Georgia rule on admission pro hac vice

All states allow a lawyer licensed in another state to be temporarily admitted to represent a client in a specific case, generally with the involvement of a local attorney in that state. The Latin term for this is admission “pro hac vice.” I had been admitted pro hac vice for cases in other states … Continue Reading

A tale of 2 truckers: Good Samaritan trucker killed by drowsy trucker with no log

Today’s Louisville Courier-Journal carries the poignant story of two truck drivers. One was a Good Samaritan who stopped to help a motorist in distress. The other, an apparently drowsy trucker whose hours of service could not be documented because no logs were found, drifted off the highway as if he were exiting a freeway. … Continue Reading