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Broad waiver of truck safety rules after Hurricane Katrina

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations include a provision for waiver of rules in emergency situations. Some are concerned, however, that the waiver of safety rules may be too broad and may be used as a pretext for long-term weaking of rules designed to protect the public safety.
In the weeks after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the … Continue Reading

Trucker with 63 violations & 23 license suspensions kills a second time

Kennebec County, Maine.
A tractor trailer driver with a record 63 driving convictions, 23 license suspensions and involvement in a previous fatal crash, crashed into a car on I-95 in July, trapping the driver in her car for more than an hour. She died several days later.
Under Maine law the trucker could not be charged with … Continue Reading

Burning man jumps from bridge into river after struck by tractor trailer and car burst into flames

White Plains,NY, 9/14/05.
A tractor trailer struck a car from the rear on Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River, causing a fire that killed the driver of the car. A passenger in the car caught fire and escaped by throwing himself off the bridge into the river, where he was rescued. See CNN … Continue Reading

U.S. Express announces use of “Smart Cruise” to alert truck drivers approaching too close behind another vehicle

Chattanooga-based U.S. Express has announced that it is now equipping its trucks with “smart cruise.” According to an article in The Chattanoogan, this technology automatically keeps other drivers at a safe distance because it is able to detect vehicles in front of the truck. When a truck driver comes too close to a car, it … Continue Reading

Tractor trailer hits car stopped in emergency lane in Bartow County, kills 1, injures 1,

One woman was killed and another seriously injured Thursday when a tractor-trailer plowed into a car that had broken down in Bartow County. The car was stalled in the emergency lane of northbound I-75 when a tractor-trailer bearing cargo veered into the lane, colliding with both cars. One woman was killed at the scene … Continue Reading

Honda driver killed when rear-ended by tractor trailer on I-75

Marietta, GA, 9/6/05.
The driver of a Honda Civil was killed early Tuesday morning when rearended by a tractor trailer on I-75 just south of the Ga. 5 exit. When you follow news of truck-car wrecks, the pattern of truckers running over cars in the middle of the night is a tragically monotonous pattern. See … Continue Reading

Help hurricane relief

All our work on individual catastrophes seems so small in the wake of the devastation that Hurricane Katrina inflicted upon New Orleans and much of Louisiana and Mississippi. It appears that thousands have died from the effects of the storm, and thousands more may die from disease in the flooded city of New Orleans. … Continue Reading